A Career of Passion

Do you realize that we spend the majority of our daylight hours working? You could be squinting at the computer screen all day, strapped in back-to-back meetings, or stressing out about your jobs but never really doing anything about it.

So what is it with women and passion? Women are creatures of emotion so it’s only natural that they want to wake up every morning fired up about our day, feeling excited working on what they love.

Claudia, a production engineer, spent 5 years of her career in engineering, got an awesome job right after graduation, but still felt like something is missing. “I feel stuck at a dead end job and want out but don’t know how and where to go.” Claudia is still in her late 20s, never had to work late, yet still felt unfulfilled.

Finding your passion isn’t as easy as just following your childhood dreams, and Claudia knows it. She has a dream of becoming an artist and she knows she has talent, but she has no clue on how to expand on that dream. Likewise, even if you’re working in a high-profile job or a multi-level organization, you can still feel like you have so much to give yet you are still unclear of the BEST way to give.


And ask yourself, what did you love to focus on, think about or explore when you were in your teenage and college days? You have been living your career path based on how the society and your family views it, now is the time to slow down, clear your schedule and commit to a game plan in uncovering your passion and obtain a clear vision of your future.

And Jenna, a freelance writer, can attest to that. Years ago, when she entered the job market, she knew she was beginning a new life chapter. She wanted to make the right career choice, but as she was browsing through the classifieds, she was filled with doubt. The more interviews she attended, the more she realizes what she does not want. “I was pressured into finding a “job” as all my friends were employed as soon as they left school,” says Jenna. “But I don’t want to put in time at a place that I don’t feel good about going to each day.” In the end, she didn’t. Instead, she started narrowing the field and focusing her thoughts and desires, and what followed was an amazing path of gaining…


If you can be free from all things that limit you in life, which direction would you go? For Claudia, the aspiring artist, it would be eventually curating and developing quality art for exhibitions and shows. As she is still working at her current workplace, she found ways to ensure that her work life feeds her soul almost as much as her personal life. She reconsidered her hidden aspirations and developed a plan in making it happen, firstly by enrolling in a part-time art course at a local institute.

The world is your oyster once you set your mind on your passion. Of course, thinking it alone is redundant. Write it down instead. Maybe you are unsure of your dream job title, but you know your “ingredients” or the keys that will ensure your success.

Consider “ingredients” like the atmosphere of your workplace, flexibility, income potential, skills, even location if that matters. Just write and….


Take time to pursue other projects and interests that have always been on your mind.

When Lydia, a business executive was figuring out her passion, she realized that yoga was something she particularly enjoyed after a tension-filled day at the office. She was also interested in holistic health and personal growth, but she lacked the time to read more about these topics. Once she started journaling and noting her life joys, she was able to integrate both yoga and holistic health and eventually was confident enough to be professionally certified as a yoga instructor and even obtained a nutrition credit at a local institute.

The options may seem broad at first but eventually, as you explore the untraveled paths, you’ll start to focus on the passion that resonates with you most. You do not have to quit your current job, enrol in part-time classes or a specialist course, anything that you fancy as you discover the road that will lead to your calling but remember to….


There will be unexpected turns on your unconventional path, it’s inevitable. Think of this as an adventure, a journey that will surely breed flickers of joy and harness your inner strength.

When Lydia took on additional yoga courses to fuel her passion, she had no clue where her interests will take her or whether she is able to cope with the extra commitment. But she relied on her INSTINCT and is not finding herself at a place where she NEEDS TO BE. “I saw the road ahead, and I know I have found my calling and activated it, I can’t imagine doing anything else.” She chirps.

You can be like Lydia, or Claudia, or Jenna. As you put in the time and exploration that will lead to more fulfilling hours, you find more energy at work because you know, RIGHT NOW, that your life is worth living.

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