You need highly committed diverse team to co-create and ground a vision

It all started with the vision “Transforming Humanity through the Aligned Power of Extraordinary Women” created by Bea Benkova. In order to grow this vision the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women was established in December 2012. The seed was planted, nurtured by many hands who contributed in different dimensions with a great amount of energy and good intentions. Women and men who resonate with the vision across the world, resulting in 300 women ‘s enrollment in the GIFEW educational programs so far.

At the moment there are a few educational opportunities available such as 

Although GIFEW might look a bit quieter from the outside then in 2013, many new things are in the process of being created, and developed to positively impact on thousands of women in the next 3 years.

The GIFEW core team Bea – Monika – Tatiana has been working together for almost 2 years. The extended team is much larger including advisors, supporters, experts and various working and collaborative groups.

It is the purpose and the vision which is connecting the core team and keeping their motivation on the highest level. Each of them contributes very different qualities, skills and points of view to the team.

We asked Bea Benkova – the founder and chairman of GIFEW to explain further:

Bea, you have been shining the vision around the world for few years. How important is your team for you? 

“It is very easy to think when you have someone like me who is Star profile (according Wealth Dynamics>>>) who shines that it’s about them and it’s all their effort.

Actually it is not. My profile is a star profile so I know I’m someone who can easily create resonance and can shine, but I would be never able to create anything as big as GIFEW or connect with all those women if I hadn’t had the team and the community of women and people around me who empower, support and co-create together with me.

Together we are creating and growing GIFEW. Monika is a supporter profile and Tatiana is an accumulator profile. We are the core team who holds the energy and brings everyone together, whether it’s advisors, experts, mentors or women.

I want you to have experience of them so you can understand we are all equal. I as a founder have a role to play and I take the full responsibility and understand I am the source but I would never be able to do it if I didn’t have the commitment and alignment and resonance with Monika and Tatiana. We came together as our purposes are aligned and we understood that together we can create more and have more impact in the world than on an individual basis. That’s synergy. We are all leaders and we all want to mobilize resources, teams and people in our work. And it’s very important to respect and honor each other and actually actively look for people who are very different.”

We have asked Monika Gmucova – the CEO of GIFEW: 

Monika, how do you contribute to the team and what is the team like in your eyes?

“Being an entrepreneur makes me really use the essence of my potential. It allows me to be powerful, allows me to shine, gives me lots of energy, makes me happy and allows me to contribute effectively. Being part of the GIFEW core team enabled me to unlock my huge capacity to lead and drive high purpose projects.

I love leading and mobilizing teams of high quality individuals, connecting people and opportunities. Moreover, I love sharing my experience and knowledge with women in our programs.

I need to see the bigger picture – have an overview of everything that is happening. Then it’s easier to lead people and make things happen. My team often laughs and says that I am the pilot of our huge spaceship. I love it! I have the ability to hold the energy and the space.

I very much enjoy leading powerful conversations with women where I can identify and uncover the possibilities of their potential. At the moment I am running GIFEW research: Connecting European Conscious Women Leaders of Influence.

The more I grow in expressing myself and my talents, awakening the beautiful female energy in me, the more I discover a huge creativity in writing and visuals.

What I value most about the GIFEW core team is the way we approach ourselves with respect, appreciation, love, empowerment, humility and equality. There are moments when different team members contribute with such powerful insights shifting the whole direction of the conversation to a completely new level. I admire the huge individual commitment towards the vision aligned with the individual purpose of each person. Failure is not an option.

The GIFEW journey brings different directions and surprises together . Adaptability, flexibility and commitment keep the team and vision progressing for the good of humanity. I like the clean authentic environment where different opinions and conflicts are addressed immediately and dealt with in a non – confrontational manner. I highly value the advanced behavior when the good of the whole is preferred to the ego of individuals or short term success. This is where wisdom is preferable to being right or smart. I am thankful and humble to have the opportunity to be a core member of this team.”

Monika, what is GIFEW for you?

I see GIFEW as a positive space for conscious women to connect with peers, to grow, shine and cooperate. A space with many opportunities for business, win-win deals, good manners or making dreams true. A space where trust, mutual support, friendship, authenticity are the norm. A space where you are empowered to make an impact for yourself, your family, your partners, husbands, teams and the society.”

We interviewed Tatiana Benkova – the COO of GIFEW:

Tatiana, why did you join GIFEW team?

I remember it as clearly as if it was today. It was during one conversation with Monika in September 2012 when she was telling me how she deeply resonated with the GIFEW vision and the importance of the impact we were creating through women for the whole society. All of a sudden I felt this huge, strong resonance too . I got present in the strong feeling saying THIS IS MY VISION AS WELL!

Since that moment, I commit time and energy each day to make the team work, and to make the programs accessible to women . I love the fact that we are moving the consciousness of women to higher levels. In business, I have the unique ability to see patterns. My multi-disciplined perspective brings the relevant insights into business and development of the new culture of collaboration. My strength is to convert the visions into practicality, see long term directions and strategies, to bring a sense of timing, focus and appreciation of value to businesses , their services and products. I love working in a team, I enjoy diversity of tasks and places, bold conversations, and devoting my time to visions and activities that truly make a difference in society.”

Tatiana, your passion is transformation but also FASHION. What is available for women?

Yes, my passion has always been Fashion. In cooperation with GIFEW I am launching “Extraordinary presence for Extraordinary Women >>>” – a new program for women where I teach them very practical things how to align insight and outside beauty and fully express who they are. This programme was available since April 2014.”



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