Our Unique Approach

Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is a space—both virtual and physical—for women to meet and be empowered in such a way that they develop and apply their insight in the Constellation of Extraordinary Women. This is designed in alignment with the geometry that operates powerfully and harmoniously in nature and specifically in the Atlantic Rainforest, one of the biggest biodiversity on Earth.

This geometry refers to the precise, optimal positioning of each individual woman in the Constellation, which both enhances and optimises the individual woman’s power as well as the power of the whole Constellation. When, as part of the Constellation of Extraordinary Women, we are aligned with the geometry of the rainforest, we vibrate our purpose in the world. This causes the highest level of convergence, collaboration and co-creation, and the highest level of effectiveness and power in fulfilling our purpose and establishing our legacy.

Modelling Atlantic Rainforest geometry represents a radical shift from an ‘either/or’, competitive, win-lose paradigm of to a new paradigm of ‘both/and’—collaboration, co- operation and synergy: the new culture.

The moment this geometry is in place, it opens a new gateway through which the new culture will be established.

Multi-dimensional Resonance Field of GIFEW's

Joining GIFEW also provides exclusive access to the global community of Extraordinary Women leaders operating at this level.  The result will be an alignment of values, vision and commitment to transformation as women connect, collaborate and co-create together. You will notice the multi-dimensional resonance in the form of opportunities, quality conversations & people’s expertise benefiting and supporting you. Your participation requires your active contribution and living your commitment and possibility as a leader  each day.

Our aim is to be universally recognised as the authority on the certification of Extraordinary Women  by the quality of our educational programmes, and the quality of connection and collaboration that are forged within the Constellation.

Our unique approach is backed by our  rigorous research conducted at Harvard Business School. Over 150 of the world’s women leaders were surveyed, with detailed statistical analysis that included a broad cross-section of leadership styles. This research covered organisational development, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, gender studies and positive psychology.

Transformational Educational Programs

GIFEW transformational educational programs are designed to: awaken, align and accelerate the progress of women leaders so they can find their unique place in the world. By empowering them to create their Constellations and collaborate effectively with each other  in order to create powerful synergies that build, magnify and raise their profile in the world. It is designed to empower women leaders to practice, co-create and implement a new culture based on feminine qualities.

GIFEW Global Certificate

By completing at least one of GIFEW individual, group, online or live transformational educational programs you will get the critical language and minimum practice of the distinction shaping the new culture. You become a GIFEW graduate. GIFEW Global Certificate is demonstrating the privilege of being part of  GIFEW community globally.

The basis for our transformational education is a mix of diverse knowledge, unique processes, approaches, disciplines, skills and experience of the co-creators of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. Each of their distinctive journeys brought them together to share, integrate, magnify, establish and promote the powerful vision of the transformation of humanity—their common purpose. GIFEW education for Extraordinary women brings together diverse approaches that are integrated to create a powerful whole.

Key elements encompass: Bea Benkova Vision, to promote and accelerate the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of Extraordinary Women”. They include her coaching approach, her great ability to attract and connect people, and her extensive experience with prominent clients around the world, which are supported by the robust, global research on The Authentic and Integrated Women’s Leadership Model, co-authored by Bea Benkova, Elva Einsworth and Radka Dohnalova during Radka’s MBA studies at Harvard Business School.

These two strands are further integrated into our unique modelling of the geometry of the Atlantic Rainforest. Sandra Epstein brings a truly revolutionary understanding of this biodiversity that expresses biological intelligence with sustainability that lies in the mastery of co- operation of all of the differences expressed in the plant species in the forest. Each plant thrives and flourishes because it exists in its unique, habitat in the rainforest, and because every other plant is in its unique position. The rainforest flourishes as a whole because of each individual plant.’s ideal sustainability.

The Global Institute’s transformational education is delivered using the latest technologies to facilitate the experience of learning, while promoting collaboration among these Extraordinary Women on a local, national and global scale. The programmes include online tools, multimedia and face-to-face events.

How we work with women

At the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women, our process  encompasses empowering women to operate on the three levels through discovering and strengthening the following:


Clarity of Purpose and Commitment

We work to empower women to become clear about their ‘Why’ and define their commitment to the world.

Vibrate What You Stand For

Our unique training, education, coupled with vibrational essences from the Atlantic Rainforest enable women to go beyond ‘regular’ communication and sharing who they are and what they stand for, to vibrating their message, their purpose.

Create a New Reality

Ultimately, we are empowering Extraordinary Women to create a vortex of transformation: a new culture.

Listening & Sharing

The women we work with are empowered to communicate powerfully their commitment to others, and to listen for contribution from others. This may involve an upgrade in their quality of listening and sharing.

Create Resonance

Others pick up on what we are vibrating, creating a new network of powerful communication and conversation that inspires and moves others to action.

The Importance of Vibration

Vibration is a critical part of our education at the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. The vibrational rainforest essences form part of our approach in developing the women we work with and empower, as the essences themselves vibrate the intelligence of the rainforest.

When we are vibrating and resonating who we are, we have an impact on others that goes far beyond normal speaking, conversation or communication. Our ability to connect, to move and inspire is massively enhanced. Research at the Institute of HeartMath* informs us that:

…the rhythmic beating patterns of the heart change significantly as we experience different emotions… there is now evidence that a subtle yet influential electromagnetic or “energetic” communication system operates just below our conscious awareness. Energetic interactions likely contribute to the “magnetic” attractions or repulsions that occur between individuals, and also affect social exchanges and relationships. Moreover, it appears that the heart’s field plays an important role in communicating physiological, psychological, and social information between individuals.”

We are committed to educating Extraordinary Women about what it means to vibrate their message, and to work with them to awaken, develop and integrate their power to in doing so. Women operating at the level of vibrating what they stand for optimise their capacity to fulfil on their purpose in the world. As a community, we optimise and strengthen our capacity to deliver our Vision of the transformation of humanity.