Created for Women by Women

Being a woman is powerful.

We teach you the art of authentic living.

You teach the world what it means to be human.

Created for Women by Women

Being a woman is powerful.

We teach you the art of authentic living.

You teach the world what it means to be human.

We spend the majority of our time inside of masculine structures – education, work, and culture learning strategies for succeeding in life designed by men for men.  But we hardly spend any time cultivating our natural feminine power which is the source of all life. 

No wonder we feel exhausted running around on the hamster wheels of our life creations.  We’re missing out on our authentic keys to living a happy and fulfilled life. 

GIFEW gives you the tools to fulfill all of your soul’s desires.  

Happy You.  Happy World.

We do that by bringing you cutting edge transformational education, the world’s best teachers, and a powerful community of like-minded women.

Bea grew up in Communist Czechoslovakia believing she could be anything she wanted to be. She thought she was destined to be the governor of a central bank when in 2006 she woke up to a health crisis in her family and the realisation that the ladder of her life she had created was leaning against the wrong wall. Burnt out and stressed out, she got out of corporate life and embarked on a mission of healing, for herself and the women in her life. In 2012 GIFEW was born.

Today Bea is on a mission for all women to fulfil on what’s important to them and transform humanity through the aligned power of evolving women.

         Bea Benkova, Founder & CEO GIFEW

At GIFEW, personal development is a lifelong adventure with your best friends

The GIFEW curriculum is designed to unleash your fullest potential of your mind, body, spirit, and leadership.

It’s about living your life by design and loving it. What would you like to create in your life?

Having a healthy, youthful, energetic body?

Experiencing unbreakable joy, love, and fulfillment?

Connecting deeply with the people and communities around you?

With GIFEW education and community you really can “have it all.” 

But beyond the tangible, there’s also something else going on at GIFEW…

Our mentors and women tell us there’s certain magic in everything we do.

A sense of joy, belonging, and authenticity. Some have come to call this the ‘GIFEW Sisterhood’ – and we’d like to think it’s a big reason why many talented women join our community and education.

It’s also why our women consider that GIFEW isn’t just a company or a movement – but a way of life.

10 000+

Women worldwide


Authors, Speakers and Activists


Years of experiences

Why choose us?

Your life will never be the same again (in a good way)

Our cutting edge education combined with the best community of women in the world will profoundly alter the quality of your life.  Forever. 

It’s not just something we say. The proof is in the pudding.  Our women

They go out and get whatever they want – jobs, careers, romantic relationships, babies and have fun doing it. 

Our women make impact wherever they go, whatever they do.  Whether that’s running for office or running to get dinner on the table at home.  

High Impact Education

It’s no longer a secret, women and men have different brains and learn differently. 

That’s why we women have created a transformation curriculum just for women.


The Best Teachers

Our experts are living legends; societal leaders, best-selling authors,

and brilliant minds who know how to inspire and transform.


The Most Supportive Community of Women

Community is the key to ultimate growth.

Connect and grow with other women and together we’ll transform our lives and the world. 

Personalised Transformational Journeys

We understand where you are in your life and help you get where you want to go. 

We give you the tools customised for your individual needs and desires and help you layout your own pathway we walk together.

GIFEW Difference

Created for women by women

GIFEW engages a unique combination of modern, multi – sensory approaches and cutting edge distinctions that are co-delivered by our powerful and accomplished Mentors Faculty.

Some of these distinct models include the Authentic and Integrated Women Leadership Model, Consciousness of the Atlantic Rainforest, Araretama Extraordinary Vibrational Essences, and an Ontological Linguistic approach to Being in the World.

Holistic & Integrated

GIFEW transformational educational programs – individual, group, online, live – are taking women leaders up the spectrum of consciousness, purpose and performance whilst causing meaningful difference in real world.

Multisensory and multi-dimensional

using a holistic method that allows women to be authentically expressed, develop and integrate all important parts of their life, and accelerate the fulfilment of their purpose and vision

Transformational approach

facilitates shifts both energy and mindset of what is possible in relationship with Self, others and the world one lives in and cares about.

Wisdom of Atlantic Rain Forest

The Araretama System, a Therapeutic and Educational Platform, brings forth Sandra Epstein’s research on the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. 

We ground the Woowoo

GIFEW education is designed as an evolutionary journey with equal amounts inspiration and practical wisdom.  You’ll connect with yourself and other women in spaces that expand your consciousness and at the same time resolve real-life challenges.



What Women are Saying

Dream come true!

“GIFEW is a dream come true. You might have heard the expression ‘walking dictionary?’ Well in GIFEW we are walking, talking leaders. GIFEW is the courageous and safe space to practice my leadership. I can be vulnerable and free to talk about my ambition. I don’t have to hide my emotions. I can be ambitious and everybody cheers for me. This isn’t common in Asian culture. I’m so glad I found it in GIFEW.”

Dayeoung Kim (South Korea), 

Feeling grounded

“I started my Evolutionary Journey Prologue right when Covid hit.

What I discovered on the program is that life doesn’t have to be hard. I connected with amazing women who are part of my life now forever. They propel me forward to a new realm of healing.

I now feel grounded and like I’m ready to make a big impact on the world!”

Jill Boychuck (Canada)

The catalyst for my career

“GIFEW education has been the catalyst for my career and my life over the past 5 years. It helped me to set up my first NGO and discover my real soul purpose – children! I’m now monetizing my purpose fundraising for children with chronic diseases and helping them to regain their health. I am committed that all children everywhere live healthy lives.

Thanks to GIFEW’s transformational education, I now have the tools to fulfill on my purpose and explode my impact on the world.”

Andrea Tittellova (Slovakia)

We have the best community in the world!

“We have the best community in the world! GIFEW attracts world class women who are experts in their field. These amazing women come from a variety of backgrounds and ages and yet share a common focus of growing and exercising their full potential. They want to make a difference, are willing to do the work it takes to build the relationships and networks to exercise their gifts and talents and then lead in such a way that deep and lasting change follows. We call that authentic transformation.”

Marie Soprovich  (Canada)

World class mentors

“What attracted me to the GIFEW education from the beginning is the high level of mentors. They really bring the world-class level of access to what they have to offer. In all areas of where I was searching to develop myself, they provided the perfect match in knowledge, souls purpose and emotional growth beyond my wildest expectations.” 

Nienke van Bezooijen (The Netherlands)

Integration of body, mind and soul

“My participation in the Evolutionary Woman has me connecting with like-minded women from around the world. It integrates mind, body and soul for all of us to be complete and whole just where we are and prepares us for the next evolution of ourselves.”

Leslie Sim (Canada) 

GIFEW is the path

“I was always looking for the path. I knew the trek I was going on but I was looking for a path that would have me be able to do it with other women and to achieve a level that I couldn’t achieve it alone.

GIFEW is the path. And I have my people go with me. Now the path has widened and widened and it is very cool. There is a reason the path is the path. It’s never random.”

Wendy Schneider (Canada)

Finding your tribe

“The Evolutionary Woman 2020 Program was such a wonderful experience. Connecting with dozens of like minded women from across the globe was truly inspiring.

The feeling of finding your tribe, of coming home, was palpable in every call, and the guidance from the Constellation leaders was valuable and informative. I highly recommend this program for any change makers out there who want the support of an amazing and fierce group of evolutionary women.”

Kristine Morris (Canada)

Whole bunch of women cheering you

“Having a whole bunch of women cheering you on from your corner for the right things is priceless. The feeling is really powerful.”

Brenda Purdie (Canada)

GIFEW women are artists like me

GIFEW women are artists like me

Else Nollet (Belgium)

“Through GIFEW Membership I discovered that consciousness and creating a field can be online. I was initially scared how I could powerfully connect with women through technology. I’m now plugged in to the GIFEW Members who are artists like me. I’ve just outed myself as an artist and plan to continue sharing my art. I can’t wait until we can all meet in person at the next GIFEW annual event!”