Beyond Diversity – Integrated woman leadership for the 21st century

BeaAt the Global Leadership Summit in March 2014, Bea Benkova talked about the leadership model for women. Listed to the recording>>> to get inspired and to expand your view of possibilities.

Experience from the corporate and entrepreneurial world around the globe clearly shows the significant contribution that women make in increasing collective intelligence and performance of teams and businesses. Active participation and authentic expression of women in an organisation of any kind is no longer just a bonus, or a mere legal requirement, but a necessary condition for long-term success and prosperity. In other words, we cannot afford to leave the genuine women potential untapped if we aspire to have a thriving business.

In the current era requiring balance, cooperation and sustainable development, women play a pivotal role. Their role is not to imitate or substitute men, nor to compete with them, but rather to bring to the leadership of teams, organisations, communities and society the qualities that are natural to them and highly beneficial to the others. In many cases it is women who have the courage, capacity and ability to successfully lead the necessary changes and carry out solving the chronic and pressing problems that we currently face in business and communities – whether it be challenges of internal or external nature.


“The world will be saved by a women from the West,” declared a few years ago the Dalai Lama himself and by this statement he indicated that awakening women increasingly emerge to the forefront as leaders of global and local change and open the door to new opportunities and horizons for us all.

Beyond diversity by Bea Benkova

Listen to the recording>>> to get a new perspective on:

  • what makes women extraordinary
  • why is their role is so important in business and in society
  • what is their greatest contribution, and
  • why it is so urgent to talk about this today.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to ponder for yourself how you want to engage the unique gifts women perspective brings to business and to participate in co-creating a new inspiring future for your team, your organisation and your community. The content of the presentation will be beneficial equally for men who wish to better understand, empower and support women, and at the same time view the changing environment not as a threat but as an opportunity for greater mutual respect, better cooperation and meaningful results.

Female Leadership Profiler

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“Our unique approach is backed by our own robust research conducted at Harvard Business School. Over 150 of the world’s women leaders were surveyed, with detailed statistical analysis that included a broad cross-section of leadership styles. This research covered organisational development, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, gender studies and positive psychology.”

Leadership profiler

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