Communication Strategy Launch

with Katherine Longhi

one-to-one personalized communication strategy with Katherine Longhi

1. Express Yourself and Your Identity in the World

2. Step into your natural path to expressing yourself and making impact

3. one-to-one personalized communication strategy

As a result of 3 one hour 121 sessions with Katherine you will:

1.Receive an audit report

on your social media platforms

2. Create bespoke social media strategy

that is easily actionable

3. Receive guidance to ensure

your brand message is consistent across platforms


4. Create a plan for launching

your new identity into the world

5. Create your first irresistible offer

to leverage off of your new identity and social media presence

Meet  Your  Mentor

Katherine Longhi, GIFEW Chief Communication Officer

Katherine is a feminine transformation leader and the CCO at GIFEW. Katherine coaches women to express their authentic voice, to fulfil their individual purpose and potential, to discover their true passions and talents and collaborate with other women and men to transform society.  Katherine is a thought leader, author, entrepreneur, and the leader of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Business.

Katherine is trained as a Flow Consultant with the Genius Group which uses powerful methodologies for high performance.  She is a stand for female leadership and empowerment and is committed to the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of evolving women.

Dear Woman,

The world needs your unique talents and it needs them now more than ever.  The first step in fulfilling on your purpose and what’s important to you is how you express yourself.  I’m committed that you live a life of joy, freedom, love, and abundance and I’m here to empower to access your self-expression as the vehicle for living the best life ever. I look forward to co-creating together! 

With love, Katherine

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