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The GIFEW Impact Platform for Conscious Ecology

The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Consciousness Bringing the Psychological Dimension into the Discussion. 

[Speech delivered at “Voices for Change,” organized by students at Sonoma State University, November 2007]

Sowing Transformation of Humanity through Conscious Ecology

The GIFEW Impact Platform for Conscious Ecology 

brings together and develops conscious leaders in environment and ecology to transform life on our planet.

These leaders are citizens, ecologists, business owners, scientists, politicians, indigenous people, activists and farmers who care about the earth and who recognize the importance of developing their own consciousness.

We are looking for committed people who want to join us in taking action to transform themselves, their communities and our planet.

What is Conscious Ecology

Conscious ecology is a state of being where all life understands and embraces the roles it plays in its ecosystems.

Conscious ecology is a state where all life respects all forms it takes and the sacredness contained in each of those forms on Earth. 

People awaken, raise their consciousness and empower our own communities so all life on our planet can flourish.

Ecological civilization is the final goal of social and environmental reform within a given society.

It implies that the changes required in response to global climate disruption and social injustices are so extensive as to represent another form of human civilization, one based on ecological principles.

Broadly construed, ecological civilization involves a synthesis of economic, educational, political, agricultural, and other societal reforms toward sustainability.

What We Do

We educate, engage, and connect conscious people to enhance the growth or awakening of conscious ecology and increase impact to transformation.

We build a community of leaders who share values of conscious ecology in order to transform life for people and life on our planet, and draw others into our networks to do the same.

This is a place to grow and to transform through action.

Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care can we help. Only if we help shall we all be saved.~ Jane Goodall

How we do it – Our approach

1. Connect

Provide a platform for people and organizations to connect to what matters
to you and create what is possible in Conscious Ecology

2. Educate

Facilitating transformation

3. Engage

In projects, bring more people and projects to the platform, create a movement.

4. Facilitating Transformation

Conscious Ecology leaders take on mastering their leadership and lives first.  Then our relationships Self to self, self to others and self to world.

What do conscious ecology leaders do to recognize, value and elevate their people such that they are capable, connected and contributing in ALL aspects of life?

How do Conscious Leaders create an environment where there is no longer conflict in our relationships to all living organisms on our planet and what might be possible?

What are the consequences of me being less connected to nature and less connected to my natural state? 

What have the biggest contributions been to my growth and are they same for my environment?

What are the triggers that direct my behaviours away from my natural state? Are my non-natural behaviours positive of negative? 

What impact do I have by doing what I do? Is my impact in line with my purpose and functional expression of my soul?

How resilient am I to change? How does nature help me and those around me build resiliency?

Our Team

Meet Our team

Wendy Schneider, GIFEW Constellation Leader (Canada)
Wendy Schneider, GIFEW Constellation Leader (Canada)

I stand for a complete and lasting difference for love, for people and for our earth. That my relationships to all life provides value and becomes a miracle. Wendy Schneider is an internationally awarded Rancher, a delivery partner in Unstoppable Conversations, Executive director for the NGO Green Hectares and a Coach for transformation. She is a Mother, Grammy and an initiator of GIFEW's Conscious Ecology platform. Wendy is dedicated to and believes leaders who are willing the transform themselves can transform their organizations, their community and the world.

Layla Olefs (The Netherlands)
Layla Olefs (The Netherlands)

I stand for our oceans and all the life they hold. As a marine conservationist and scuba diver the oceans are my happy place. They are so serene and yet incredibly powerful and wild. The ocean is the mother of life on our planet as the first life forms were single-celled beings at home in the sea. We are polluting our oceans beyond what they can handle. Every single day we dump 22 000 tons on plastic in the ocean. Coral bleaching is more prevalent and more frequent than ever. Approximately 90% of our oceans are overfished or fished at full potential. It is abundantly clear that our way of life is completely unsustainable and that changes need to be made in all niches. I am here to take action and spread awareness on how amazing Earth can become if we all take action together to right our wrongs. Nature holds the answers to so many of our questions, it is the guiding light for humanity and it is time we follow the path together

Lubica Ragulova (Slovakia)
Lubica Ragulova (Slovakia)

My passion is energy industry - power and utilities sector, because energy is an inevitable part of life of individuals and whole countries. It also has a huge impact on the environment - the type of energy sources we use define the outlook of the land around us and impact the world for generations. I believe that energy and environment are closely interlinked. I stand for conscious transformation of energy and environment. Building energy sources means making decisions for whole decades and therefore we need to be very conscious about what kind of energy systems we create.

Join Us and Get Involved
Kaat Vannieuwenborgh (Belgium)
Kaat Vannieuwenborgh (Belgium)

I am passionate about engaging people at all levels of organisations to embrace and lead sustainable organisational and cultural change. I am warm, empathetic and dependable, bringing out the best in others through openness, transparency and building trust. As “Our planet is at a crossroads and there is both an opportunity and a critical need to act now, and to do so boldly”. I am at a crossroads as well, strongly desiring to being part of the next generation of change makers. I am standing for the voice of nature. Nature teaches us all. If we tune into nature, we can see what really matters. We won’t overdo. We won’t take too much; we won’t take too little and we start listening to each other and create a better world. Some of us believe that nature isn’t consciousness but the Earth knows; so why don’t we take that knowledge and create the Earth that will survive.


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