Creation, Cookies and Shining your Light, by Jazz Rasool

The only thing that has no shadow is light itself. A star has no shadow because its key activity is transmitting and radiating light.

If you do not transmit light and only absorb it, there will be a shadow beyond you. If you reflect light, beyond the reflection there will be a shadow. Even when you illuminate yourself from the inside by radiating from your centre, the things within you that do not radiate light have shadows born from them. Only when every thought, every feeling, every molecule radiates its own light will there be no shadows within you or of you.  At that point you will have truly begun to shine.

When the first light from you overflows from your mind, heart and body you will have become a member of a constellation of stars that are lighting up this world.

The art and science of creating light from within you centres on form and function. You need a blueprint of what to create and a transformational force to push it into reality.

Take the process of creating cookies. From some dough a cookie can be made by using pushing a template into the dough. The template, whether it is a circle or a star, is the blueprint of what you are going to create. The force from your hand that you use to push it into the dough is the creative force. When these come together on the dough a cookie is born. Once it is cooked and cooled then it is ready to eat.

Creating light within yourself and then channelling it into manifestation of something tangible for you and others is no different. You need a blueprint or template of what you want to create. You need some kind of creative or motivational force that will push it into reality. And of course you need some dough, some working substance which is life, your way of being, your talent –the very authentic and original substance that is the essence at your centre.
The blueprint is an intention, not an expectation. An expectation is what you are programmed with by things from your past and conditioning but an intention is something that comes from the present moment, from your centre, untainted by your baggage from your past or your ambitions for your future. So an intention can only come from you being fully present – you being in your own presence, grounded into the wafer thin slice of time that is in the here and now.

The motivational or creative force is an emotion or feeling. The experience of what you want to shine is coloured with a feeling or a relationship you have. In reality it is a vibration or frequency of energy or consciousness. Like a wave it carries energy from one place to another.

When you marry an authentic intention with the right feeling, the creative friction between them creates heat that, with time, becomes fire.  The fire radiates light and you start to shine.


Jazz Rasool

Jazz is a Business Coach and set up Energy Diamond Consulting after many years experience in high-level executive coaching.



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