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Diamond Experience


Unlock Your Potential. Fulfil on Your Purpose.

Diamond Experience


Unlock Your Potential. Fulfil on Your Purpose.


Live sessions


16 week course

Personalised For You

Unlock Your Potential. Fulfil on Your Purpose.

Individual Evolutionary Coaching Program Tailored Just For You.

The Diamond Experience program is the school for best your life. E V E R.

This program is for women who believe there is more to life than their unconscious conditioning programmed by education, culture, family, work, and society.

Whether you are at an important crossroads in life, or are committed to elevating yourself or your life to the next level, this program will give you the clarity and confidence to take the actions that are going to make the biggest difference NOW.

Diamond Experience program is an individually customised transformational coaching program designed just for you.


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12 years

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Meet  Your  Head Mentor

Bea Benkova, Founder & CEO GIFEW

world’s best mentor for women

Growing up in Communist Czechoslovakia, Bea was raised believing that she could make a difference in the world. So she embarked on an educational track that would make her the governor of a central bank including studying at Oxford and completing  Masters degrees in Banking and Economics as well asRisk Management. Bea worked for a number of large financial institutions in the City of London and also co-founded the Slovak British Business Council (SBBC), a London-based organisation for which she served as the Chairwoman of the Board for two and a half years.

While working in the high-pressure environment of the City of London, Bea couldn’t help but notice how unhappy, dissatisfied and burnt out people were, particularly women. She saw women surrendering their femininity and emotional fitness to succeed in the corporate world. She knew there had to be another way.

In 2012, Bea created GIFEW – a new kind of transformational education created by women for women. GIFEW offers women the ability to create whatever their soul desires and make impact in the world. Bea has personally coached women CEOs, public figures, politicians, scientists, authors, artists, educators, and many more types of leaders, which is how she became known as the best coach for women in the world. Bea loves coaching women from all walks of life and professions. What they all have in common is a real desire to make a difference to others.


What Women are Saying

Stories on Bea Benkova

Bea’s leadership at GIFEW has inspired me and drawn qualities from my soul that have longed to find good company.

Bea’s leadership at GIFEW has inspired me and drawn qualities from my soul that have longed to find good company.

Marie Soprovich (Canada)

“Work with Bea and GIFEW has brought more joy into my life. I have connected with outstanding women who are winning in their lives.  With women who are making huge contributions to their local communities and ultimately their global community as well. Bea’s leadership at GIFEW has inspired me and drawn qualities from my soul that have longed to find good company. It has been a joyous ride of learning, challenge, contemplation, contribution and connection… when we come together with a common focus of making the world a better place the energy rises not just from me but from all the women who are part of GIFEW and together we create an impact that transforms lives and makes an impact globally.”

Fulfilling on our true purpose

Fulfilling on our true purpose

Wendy Schneider (Canada)

“When Bea Benkova created GIFEW she created a constellation of stars in the women that have come together from around the world that now shine brighter and fuller. GIFEW is the Northstar that guides our souls to fulfilling on our true purpose.”


GIFEW has changed my life

GIFEW has changed my life

Nienke van Bezooijen (The Netherlands)

“Bea Benkova is for me the personalization of how an extraordinary woman can step up and do what needs to be done. She is a leading example of giving courage through education and collaboration in the form of a constellation. It is the result of Bea’s persistence to make this work in the world. To me her organization GIFEW changed my life so I can contribute in a solid group of female leaders globally, to create synergy in the masculine and feminine qualities.”

You are:


Successful in your career yet seek a quantum leap

to best discover, engage and express your full potential and feminine source of power and leadership in the world


Entrepreneurial minded and effective at leading

a team, organisation or your own business yet feel like there is something missing or a limitation to the growth and expression of both you and the entity you serve


Have a compelling and clear vision and know that NOW

is the time to begin making it happen (or expanding it) and are ready to mobilise yourself, other people and all available resources to make a unique difference that you were called for

You can expect transformational coaching, breakthrough results and dedicated empowerment and support directly from the GIFEW leaders, including the GIFEW founder and Global transformational leader Bea Benkova.

It is not just a powerful coaching program. It also gives you partnership that has your genuine success and true ful lment at heart.

Participation in this program will provide you with: 


Clarity on your purpose and vision, identity, mission and direction


Holistic alignment of all important aspects of your life


Unlock your femininity, vitality, power, leadership and wealth


Practices for synergistic collaboration into your life, family, communities, businesses and projects


A safe, trusting, inspiring and stimulating space to foster opportunities for collaboration, accelerated growth, performance and meaningful accomplishment.

Diamond Experience

“We have developed sophisticated technology and enabled networks that connect us in unprecedented ways: structurally, the template is set for a NEW MODEL for society.But to move beyond predatory competition, we have to understand and embody integration, collaboration.

The wisdom of our natural history and anthropological legacy, married with the cutting edge of technology, can give birth to our very best vision of positive change!” 

Sandra Epstein, GIFEW Faculty Member, Creator of Araretama Vibrational Essences

Who should join

We are all in this crisis together. This course is ideal for you if you are:

A professional

You have a successful career and are called to go in a different direction

A Business Owner

You own your own business and want to increase the impact you make, for you and for your enterprise and legacy

In Transition

You’re at a cross roads and you need to choose the path for the next phase in your evolutionary journey

Diamond Experience program is co-delivered by 4 

exceptional GIFEW Constellation Leaders 

GIFEW Constellation Leaders are women who have completed the full GIFEW education curriculum. They co-create and lead GIFEW Global Impact Platforms in the areas of society that are aligned to their purpose, passion, and talents like business, politics, ecology, and peace making. 

GIFEW Constellation Leaders are the new culture changemakers bringing the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of evolving women.


Meet Our Mentors

Bea Benkova, Head Mentor
Bea Benkova, Head Mentor

Bea is a European Transformation Leader and the Founder and CEO of GIFEW. After a successful career in banking, Bea created GIFEW so that women leaders could grow and develop together and transform the world. Bea’s vision of the future of humanity is the glue that holds the constellation of evolving women together.

Tatiana Benkova
Tatiana Benkova

Tatiana is an evolutionary coach and the COO at GIFEW. A former lawyer, Tatiana co-leads the GIFEW Global Impact Platform on Peace and Consciousness. Tatiana’s powerful coaching is an access for women to transform their self-expression.

Sandra Epstein
Sandra Epstein

Sandra is a GIFEW Mentor, an Educator in essence and action and an innovative consultant for these new times. Sandra has the experience and ability to implement creative solutions that establish cooperation and balance amidst diversity. This comes from her extensive research on the biological intelligence of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, a living example of cooperation with respect for differences between species.

Think you’d like to do the program but you’ve got questions? Book Call with GIFEW Leader
Katherine Longhi
Katherine Longhi

Katherine is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and the Chief Communication Officer at GIFEW. Katherine is a trained Flow Consultant with Entrepreneur’s Institute and she coaches women on unlocking their purpose, passion, talents, and performance. Katherine is a leader of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Business and future US Congressional candidate.

Prefer a group coaching program?

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100% Risk Free Guarantee

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Tatiana Benkova, COO GIFEW

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now.  You only have to say MAYBE. 

Join the program and check out all of the materials for 10 days risk-free from the start of the program.  You can decide whether to keep the program. 

If you’re not over-the-moon with your results, simply e-mail us at gifew@gifew.org to get a full refund. 


What You Get


10 one-to-one coaching sessions

with the GIFEW Team (each session is 60min)


Content, videos, pre-work, and homework

customised for you


ViP access to GIFEW Team

(for extra calls and adhoc coaching in between your scheduled coaching sessions


Recordings of the calls

(so that you can replay them as many times as you would like)


Diagnostic tools and personal development tests

Start growing based on your individual learning needs (valued at €250)



pre-work, and homework for all of the content sessions