Accelerate your personal transformation

Discover and unlock your true potential

Create synergistic collaboration with your soul sisters


Exclusively developed for women  and tested on 5 continents with over 400 women to accelerate your personal transformation, discover and unlock your true potential, and open a synergistic collaboration to fulfil on your unique vision and purpose.


 Stage 1: Individual Calibration


PROLOGUE is an individually customised transformational coaching program designed just for you. 

Discover your unique purpose, passion, and talents.  Dismantle the barriers holding you back from living a life of joy, freedom, and self-expression. 


Whether you are at an important crossroads in life, or are committed to elevating yourself or your life to the next level, this program will give you the clarity and confidence to take the actions that are going to make the biggest difference.  

Stage 2: Field Calibration

GIFEW Constellation Program

Immerse yourself in a 9-month journey of awakening, transformation, and collaboration in a small constellation of women like you.  Create and grow the structures to support you and your life’s mission.  Activate and express your full potential.  Make your unique contribution to the world.

Accelerate your personal transformation

Discover and unlock your true potential

Create synergistic collaboration with your soul sisters

What women say...


This program showed me the awareness that I was standing on a crossroad experiencing new possibilities which lead to a transformational change of inner freedom.

Lisette HeijboerThe Netherlands

"Work with Bea and the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women has brought more joy into my life. I have connected with outstanding women who are winning in their lives.  With women who are making huge contributions to their local communities and ultimately their global community as well. Bea’s leadership at GIFEW has inspired me and drawn qualities from my soul that have longed to find good company. It has been a joyous ride of learning, challenge, contemplation, contribution and connection... when we come together with a common focus of making the world a better place the energy rises not just from me but from all the women who are part of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women and together we create an impact that transforms lives and makes an impact globally."

Marie Soprovich Canada

"Bea Benkova is for me the personalization of how an extraordinary woman can step up and do what needs to be done. She is a leading example of giving courage through education and collaboration in the form of a constellation. It is the result of Bea’s persistence to make this work in the world. To me her organization GIFEW changed my life so I can contribute in a solid group of female leaders globally, to create synergy in the masculine and feminine qualities." 

Nienke van BezooijenThe Netherlands

"When Bea Benkova created GIFEW she created a constellation of stars in the women that have come together from around the world that now shine brighter and fuller. GIFEW is the Northstar that guides our souls to fulfilling on our true purpose."

Wendy SchneiderCanada