GIFEW Constellation Calibration Program 

Autumn 2020




 Join a small, exclusive group of women from around the world and let’s co-create together.

A signature GIFEW leadership experience for women

You’re clear on your purpose, passions, and talents,

but not sure how to put them all together to live the life of your dreams.

Your family understand your big vision and what’s important to you,

but you still feel guilty every time you prioritise your life’s work and calling over them.

You’ve experienced the euphoria of synchronicities, those beautiful moments

when you are doing what you’re meant to do, when you’re meant to do it, with the people you’re meant to do it with. Now that you’ve tasted it, you want more of it!

You’ve started to answer your soul’s calling to do purposeful work

and make the kind of difference that you want to make but it feels like hard work and you’re not seeing the results you’d like to produce.


Join the GIFEW Constellation Calibration Program

Join a small, exclusive group of women from around the world and let’s co-create together

Create and align your life and leadership inside a constellation of women

Transform your life and make impact

Align the leader in you to create, lead, and vortex

Click into your unique place in the constellation of evolving women

Create lifelong structures for you to full on what’s important to you

A Life Changing 9-Month Evolutionary Journey

The Constellation Calibration Program is an extraordinary journey of transformation, collaboration and impact.  

It is our signature GIFEW leadership experience for women who want to expand, grow, design and integrate the lives they have always wanted and for whatever reason were not able to fulfil upon.  

Like all of our GIFEW education, the Constellation Calibration Program works on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions. 

The program combines personalised and collective mentoring, group dynamics, and synergy, opportunities for both action and reflection, ways of addressing the domains of mind, matter, spirit and emotions, and a myriad of transformative tools and processes, including vibrational essences and transformational music.

This is the premier transformational program for women who want to live life to the fullest.

The Constellation Calibration Program is co-delivered by our 

exceptional GIFEW Faculty who are

9 experts

in integrated leadership, individual and collective transformation and the new culture paradigm.

Bea Benkova

Founder & CEO GIFEW
European Transformation Leader

Richard Barrett

Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values
Internationally recognized thought leader in the evolution of values, culture and leadership in business and society

Sandra Epstein

Creator of Araretama Educational System & Vibrational Essences
Educator, Innovative Consultant

Gary Malkin

Transformation media producer&speaker
7- time Emmy-Award winning Composer

Jan Polak

Master Trainer
Master Practitioner and Master Trainer in Wealth Dynamics

Vik Maraj

CEO and Founder of Unstoppable Conversations
Global Transformation Leader

Nienke van Bezooijen

CEO Presentation Master
Globally recognized public speaking expert for speaking authentically with impact

Jazz Rasool

Scientist and Business Coach
Expanded Realities (XR) Scientist

Wendy Schneider

Transformation Leader at Unstoppable Conversations
International award winning ranche

3 Stages

The GIFEW Calibration Program is an evolutionary journey through three distinct stages.  Your journey begins with your relationship to yourself and progresses through your relationship to others and the world.  As part of the evolutionary process, you integrate your life and increase your ability to produce any results that your soul desires.

Stage 1

Integrate and Lead

Discovering Your Unique Place

(4 months)

Create Who You Truly Are

  • Discover what you are a voice for
  • Create a powerful stand in the world
  • Integrate your life aligned with your true calling, your passions and your unique gifts
  • Distinguish and express your unique identity and brand
  • Accelerate your capacity as an authentic and effective leader in your life

Stage 2

Resonate and Collaborate

Creating the Geometry of Constellation

(3 months)

Collaborate with Others and 

Express Your Voice in the World

  • Clarify your voice in the world, who you are and your expression
  • Align your energy and tune your frequency so that you experience flow and abundance
  • Transcend your personal challenges
  • Create new opportunities and collaborate with like-minded and like-hearted women
  • Discover and unlock synergetic collaboration
  • Express your authentic self freely in the world
  • Grow your wealth network

Stage 3

Transform and Impact

Unlocking the Power of Constellation

(2 months)

Be a Vortex in the World

  • Clarify, crystallise and cultivate your vision so that it leaves an inspiring and lasting legacy
  • Operate from a new empowering paradigm of leadership
  • Engage others and mobilise available resources to accomplish a transformative impact and make a unique difference that only you can make
  • Create and align the structures in your life to support you and your ongoing work to fulfil on your purpose and meet your soul’s desires

What you get in the 9 month program

When you join this  program you will get the following:

1. Live Coaching Sessions

Live Coaching Sessions with GIFEW Faculty members (each session is 120min)

2. Annual membership to GIFEW Constellation

(valued at 470 euros)

3. Access to a Facebook community

where the connection, sharing, and learning integrate

4. Diagnostic tools and personal development tests

5. Recordings of the calls

(in case you miss one)

6. Playbooks

pre-work, and homework for all of the content sessions

Dates for the live sessions*


(4-6pm UK time)

Oct 2020 - Jun 2021

*GIFEW reserves the right to change the date and time of the live sessions.

Are you

  • Passionate about living an extraordinary life?
  • Open to awakening, developing and expressing your authentic self?
  • Willing to enhance and accelerate your ability to lead and collaborate?
  • A stand for generating positive tangible impact at the level of community or society that you care about?


Join the GIFEW Constellation Calibration Program

Join a small, exclusive group of women from around the world and let’s co-create together