My journey

To be an Evolutionary is to understand that our future is not written, that we are free from the past and that we can forge our destiny and influence history with our individual and collective choices.

You’ve had a successful career but what have you got to show for it? What used to make you happy no longer motivates you.

Your family make constant demands on you and you feel guilty focusing “on your own stuff” but you’re losing yourself and you know you are meant for bigger things than the daily grind.

You’ve achieved everything that you thought you should, but joy, happiness, and self-expression seem to allude you. 

You’re doing work that you love, but you can’t seem to make the difference that you want to make.

Take the path of the Evolutionary Journey Prologue

Join 20 evolving women from around the world and let’s go on the journey together

"Many people repeat the past. I'm not interested. I prefer evolution."

  • Unlock the practical application of your spirituality
  • Experience personal flow and synchronicities
  • Monetise and make impact with your talents and purpose
  • Experience being equally grounded and uplifted by the constellation of evolving women
  • Collaborate with and co-create your unique place in the constellation of evolving women



7 levels of consciousness

& Personal Mastery


Internal Cohesion


Resilience & Courage




Co-creating New Culture for Humanity 

1. Discover the First Algorithm of Evolutionary Intelligence for Women - Internal Resilience 7 Levels of Personal Consciousness 
Personal Mastery

2. Finding meaning in existence Vision and purpose
Integrity, Alignment, Authenticity

3. Continuous growth and development

Unlock high performance
Emotional elasticity

4. Align your purpose with daily life and workConsolidate learning
Take new action

5. Align with evolutionary womenDesign the future


"Many people repeat the past. I'm not interested. I prefer evolution."

What You Will Get?

Live Coaching Sessions

Live Coaching Sessions with GIFEW Constellation Leaders (each session is 90min)

6 months membership to GIFEW Constellation

(valued at 280 euros)

Access to a Facebook community

where the connection, sharing, and learning integrate

Recordings of the calls

(in case you miss one)

Diagnostic tools and personal development tests


pre-work, and homework for all of the content sessions

Dates for the live sessions*

Session n. 1

April 16 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

Session n. 2

April 30 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

Session n. 3

May 7 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

Session n. 4

May 14 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

Session n. 5

May 28 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

Session n. 6

June 4 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

Session n. 7

June 11 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

Session n. 8

June 25 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

Session n. 9

July 9 (4 - 5.30pm UK time)

*GIFEW reserves the right to change the date and time of the live sessions.

"We have developed sophisticated technology and enabled networks that connect us in unprecedented ways: structurally, the template is set for a NEW MODEL for society.But to move beyond predatory competition, we have to understand and embody integration, collaboration.
The wisdom of our natural history and anthropological legacy, married with the cutting edge of technology, can give birth to our very best vision of positive change!" Sandra Epstein

Lead by GIFEW Constellation Leaders

GIFEW Constellation Leaders are women who have completed the full GIFEW education curriculum. They co-create and lead GIFEW Global Impact Platforms in the areas of society that are aligned to their purpose, passion, and talents like business, politics, ecology, and peace making. 

GIFEW Constellation Leaders are the new culture changemakers bringing the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of evolving women.

Sandra Epstein, Brasil

Sandra is a GIFEW Mentor, an Educator in essence and action and an innovative consultant for these new times. Sandra has the experience and ability to implement creative solutions that establish cooperation and balance amidst diversity. This comes from her extensive research on the biological intelligence of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, a living example of cooperation with respect for differences between species.

Bea Benkova, UK

Bea is a European Transformation Leader and the Founder and CEO of GIFEW. After a successful career in banking, Bea created GIFEW so that women leaders could grow and develop together and transform the world. Bea’s vision of the future of humanity is the glue that holds the constellation of evolving women together.

Tatiana Benkova, Slovakia

Tatiana is an evolutionary coach and the COO at GIFEW. A former lawyer, Tatiana co-leads the GIFEW Global Impact Platform on Peace and Consciousness. Tatiana’s powerful coaching is an access for women to transform their self-expression.

Katherine Longhi, USA/UK

Katherine is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and the Director of Communication at GIFEW. Katherine is a trained Flow Consultant with Entrepreneur’s Institute and she coaches women on unlocking their purpose, passion, talents, and performance. Katherine is a leader of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Business and future US Congressional candidate.

Nienke van Bezooijen, The Netherlands

Nienke is a professional speaker’s coach and the Director of Education at GIFEW. Nienke gives voice and is the wind beneath the wings of peace. She is the initiator of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Peace and Consciousness.

Wendy Schneider, Canada

Wendy is a highly trained Transformation Leader and a Constellation Leader at GIFEW. Wendy’s powerful coaching enables women to produce big results with velocity. Wendy is the initiator of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Ecology.

Marie Soprovich, Canada

Marie is a conscious business leader and Constellation Leader at GIFEW. Through her own courageous journey in life and business, Marie transforms people, their homes, and is a recognised leader in the home renovations business in her community. Marie is the initiator of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Business.

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