When the soul meets consciousness, humanity awakens to its truth, and we know peace.

~ Dr. Sue Morter

4 Week Evolutionary Mentoring Program

(1- 29 March, 2020)

We invite you to join over a hundred other women from around the world to unlock the power of their Evolutionary Woman.  

When you unlock your Evolutionary Woman, you tap into your own vibrant energy source, insight, inner wisdom, and so, so much more.

Do you ever feel like there’s got to be more to life than this? 


 Your Soul yearns to unleash your true potential on the world, but your Ego has you stuck? 

Perhaps you’ve spent years “working on yourself” and have a career that expresses your true calling but something’s still missing? 

 Everything looks fine on paper, so why don’t you experience joy, happiness, and self-expression?

Something must be wrong. It’s got to be you.

You already know everything that you’re supposed to do to “fix” things, right? 

 Meditate more. Find some “you” time. Organise things.  Read that one book that will make all of the difference. Call your mom and apologise for being short with her the other day. You’ve got a long to do list. If you’d only complete it, that would solve your unease.  

Oh, and when you do finally get around to it, you’d like to cure cancer, end world hunger and transform the world. Tomorrow, you’ll get around to it. Yes, definitely tomorrow.

NEWSFLASH! There’s NOTHING wrong with you!

It’s perfect right where you are on your evolutionary journey. 

 But is it where you’d like to be, and where is it that you want to go? 

 What’s missing that would make a difference both to the quality of your life AND to the impact you want to make in the world? 

Meet the Evolutionary Woman. She's YOU!

The future of humanity depends on the Evolutionary Woman. ~ Richard Barrett

The Evolutionary Woman is a multi dimensional conscious being living her life intentionally and with purpose.

The Evolutionary Woman sees where her gaps in evolution are and she collaborates with other Evolutionary Women to work together to close them.

The Evolutionary Woman understands the two aspects of herself - the protective self which takes care of her and her tribe and the expansive self which calls her to make a difference in the world. She knows how to work them in harmony together so that she is nourished, joyful and fully self-expressed. 

The Evolutionary Woman understands that the evolution of humanity is about consciousness and it starts with her.

The Evolutionary Woman operates equally in Heaven and on Earth bringing Heaven on Earth and being HeavenEarth.


When the soul meets consciousness, humanity awakens, and we know peace.This is what we're here for - to discover our soulful, energetic nature and live as that true nature in physical form. 
We are here to awaken our divinity inside of our humanity.
To experience Heaven while on Earth, and to live what I call HeavenEarth - one unified space.
~ Dr. Sue Morter

Discover Yourself as the Evolutionary Woman.

We invite you to join over a hundred other women from around the world to unlock the power of their Evolutionary Woman.  

4 Week Evolutionary Mentoring Program 

(1 - 29 March, 2020)

When you unlock your Evolutionary Woman, you tap into your own vibrant energy source, insight, inner wisdom, and so, so much more.

  • Unlock the practical application of your spirituality
  • Experience personal flow and synchronicities
  • Monetise and make impact with your talents and purpose
  • Experience being equally grounded and uplifted by the constellation of evolving women
  • Collaborate with and co-create your unique place in the constellation of evolving women

What Women Say...

“Evolutionary Woman 2020 was a beacon of light for me as I endured a rapid process of transformation. It helped provide the light needed for clarity as I embarked on a journey of courage, exploration, discovery and adaptation. The program was wonderful for the fitness of my spirit and I am very excited as I continue on this journey.” Kelsey Beasley, Canada

“The Evolutionary Woman 2020 Program was such a wonderful experience. Connecting with dozens of like minded women from across the globe was truly inspiring. The feeling of finding your tribe, of coming home, was palpable in every call, and the guidance from the Constellation leaders was valuable and informative. I highly recommend this program for any change makers out there who want the support of an amazing and fierce group of evolutionary women.” Kristine Morris, The Change Maven

Led by GIFEW Constellation Leaders

GIFEW Constellation Leaders are women who have completed the full GIFEW education curriculum. They co-create and lead GIFEW Global Impact Platforms in the areas of society that are aligned to their purpose, passion, and talents like business, politics, ecology, and peace making. 

GIFEW Constellation Leaders are the new culture changemakers bringing the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of evolving women.



The Journey of the Evolutionary Woman




Trilogy of Success


Courageous Conversations



1. Discover the First Algorithm of Evolutionary Intelligence for Women

~Internal Resilience 7 Levels of Personal Consciousness 
~ Personal Mastery

2. Listening to self, others, and the world ~ Distinguish between listening to Ego vs Soul
~ Listen to and communicate the voice of your Soul

3. Discover Talents, Passion, and Purpose - the authentic trilogy of success

~ Connect the trilogy to unlock your creativity and vitality 
~ Express your gifts to the world
~ Monetise your self expression

4. Listening for your needs and expressing them
~ Go beyond fear and stand up for yourself
~ Courageous conversations as access to building your resilience and strengthening your first algorithm of evolutionary intelligence

5. Consolidate learning and integrate practical steps
~ Create an action plan for continuous learning
~ Build a tribe of Evolutionary Women to continue the journey


"Many people repeat the past. I'm not interested. I prefer evolution."

What Women Say...

"My participation in the Evolutionary Woman has me connecting with like-minded women from around the world.  It integrates mind, body and soul for all of us to be complete and whole just where we are and prepares us for the next evolution of ourselves." Leslie Sim, Canada

What You Will Get?

5 Live Mentoring Sessions

with GIFEW Constellation Leaders (each session is 90 min)

Access to a Facebook community

where the connection, sharing, and learning integrate


pre-work, and homework for all of the content sessions

Dates for the live sessions*

Session n. 1

March 1 (4 - 5.30 pm GMT time)

Session n. 2

March 8 (4 - 5.30 pm GMT time)

Session n. 3

March 15 (4 - 5.30 pm GMT time)

Session n. 4

March 22 (4 - 5.30 pm GMT time)

Session n. 5

March 29 (4 - 5.30 pm GMT time)

*GIFEW reserves the right to change the date and time of the live sessions.

Standard Tuition
SPECIAL OFFER FOR FIRST 150 Women Who Register For

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.~ Rumi