Keynote Speaking by Bea Benkova

Keynotes by Bea Benkova are for small pioneering groups, empowered networks and committed organisations who are open and ready to expand their leadership perspective of what is possible and cause real transformation through collaboration.


Bea Benkova is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW). A European transformational leader, Bea Benkova has been inspiring, empowering, coaching, connecting and mobilising leading women from around the world and all walks of life to be feminine, powerful, vital and wealthy and living to realise their purpose in collaboration, love and respect with men.

In front of an audience - whether opening open a conference, delivering a keynote speech or seminar at an event, Bea engages her visionary and inspirational style and a pioneering content to communicate new possibilities, awaken sleeping potential and call people into action.


She is a long time transformational coach of extraordinary women around the world with rich speaking experience inspiring women as well as men to highlight the critical role and value of women in making difference in all aspect of business and society and promote the new culture of diversity and collaboration....this is both Bea’s passion and legacy.

Bea is an engaging speaker at conferences and on TV and radio shows.


  • Beyond Diversity - Authentic and Integrated Women's Leadership
  • The Role of Extraordinary Women for the Future of Humanity NOW


The keynote addresses and speeches can be tailored for your event and audience specifically.

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