Personalised Coaching Program


New Culture Calibration Prologue  is a personalised transformational coaching program for committed women who stepped up or are stepping up as leaders in their community, organisation or professional domain.


The program provides the impulse and framework to live an integrated life fuelled by a meaningful legacy and to tune into your natural ability to be powerful, feminine, vital and wealthy as a woman in every aspect of your existence.


The Prologue is specially designed to open up new possibilities and unprecedented level of clarity on your talents, passions and deep purpose as a woman and as a leader, especially when on a crossroad or during an important juncture in your professional or personal life.

Who benefits most from participating in the Prologue?


Women who look to formulate or expand on a compelling vision and know that NOW is the time to begin making it happen or accelerating it. Women who are committed to live integrated and inspired lives. Women who are ready to mobilise themselves, other people and all available resources to make a di erence where it matters most to them and where is expresses their unique signature and contribution.


In the Prologue you can expect transformational coaching, breakthrough results and dedicated empowerment and support directly from the GIFEW leaders, including the GIFEW founder and European transformational leader Bea Benkova. It is not just a powerful coaching program. It also gives you partnership that has your genuine success and true ful lment at heart.

Are you

  • successful in your career or professional path
    yet  seek a step change or transition to best discover, engage and express your full potential and feminine source of power and leadership?
  • entrepreneurial minded and effective
    at leading team, organisation or their own business yet feel like there is something missing or a limitation to the growth and expression of both herself and the collective or business potential.
  • Have a compelling and clear vision
    and know that NOW is the time to begin making it happen (or expanding it) and are ready to mobilise herself, other people and all available resources to make a unique difference that only she can make.

Participation in this program will provide you with: 

  • Clarity on your purpose and vision by finding deep personal answers on question on your unique gifts, identity, mission and direction
  • Holistic alignment of all important aspects of your life based on Model of Authentic and Integrated Female leadership to operate fully at your potential and make no compromises.
  • A way to see a different dimension of yourself as a woman and leader, and dissolve hidden limitations that stop you from fully unlocking your femininity, vitality, power, leadership and wealth.
  • A unique set of Araretama Extraordinary distinctions and essences from the Atlantic rain forest that will aid a profound emotional and energetic integration of your transformation.
  • Distinctions and practical approach allowing you to uncover and bring about the new culture of synergistic collaboration into your lives, communities, businesses and projects.
  • A pathway to launch, accelerate or expand these based on a new business paradigm.
  • A safe, trusting, inspiring and stimulating space where you will discover new forms of and opportunities for collaboration, accelerated growth, performance and meaningful accomplishment.