For women leaders GIFEW is hosting interactive, educational and highly inspiring breakthrough sessions and group programs that raise awareness and provide practical solutions on the critical role and value of women, importance of female leadership to sustainable performance and healthy growth, and organic implementation of the new culture in collaboration at all levels.


GIFEW group sessions and programmes  are designed for women leaders to energise, engage and transform their teams, organisations, networks and communities - whether formal or informal, small or large - to step up to their individual and collective potential as well as to unleash their creative spirit and synergistic collaboration.

Participation in these programs will provide you with: 

  • Practical understanding of the critical role of women in todays society and the importance of feminine leadership in the transformation of business and society Access to comprehend and apply the Authentic and Integrated Women Leadership model for the 21 Century
  • Tools to surpass the traditional perspective of success and cultivate true authentic expression, fulfilment and accomplishment in all areas of life and avenues to making a meaningful difference in the world
  • Common distinctions, language and experience for synergistic partnership and collaboration that empowers women to be leaders and create a global field for women's collaboration and contribution.
  • A collective pathway with solid grounding, inspiration and support in launching a new projects and ventures or expanding on the existing ones based on a new business paradigm.
  • A created and evolved safe, trusting, inspiring and stimulating space where you will discover new forms of and opportunities for collaboration, accelerated growth, collective performance and meaningful accomplishment.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us below!