Extraordinary Presence for Extraordinary Women

“Uniquely expressing the essence of your beauty, energy & character. Your look can help you to reinforce or weaken your intention.”


Good afternoon ladies!

We would like to introduce to you new program Extraordinary Presence for Extraordinary Women>>> in co-operation with Tatiana Benkova>>>.

She is an experienced fashion lover and expert who has created this program specially for you and will be personally guiding you through it.

As Tatiana’s passion are personal transformation and fashion she has seen the need to support women in aligning and fully expressing their inner and outside beauty.

Dear Extraordinary women, this program was born to express your potential!

Yes, I want to create my signature look >>>

First, here is little exercise for you.

Let’s start by looking into a mirror. Look at yourself. Then look deeply into your eyes and reflect. Consider the following questions and how you currently see yourself.


I am very clear on Who I am and What I stand for.

  • YES, I’m.
  • NOT AT ALL, I lack clarity.


My look and physical presence express Who I am and What I stand for.

  • YES, I’m satisfied.
  • NOT AT ALL, how I feel and how I look are completely different.


Your look and presence talk for you without you having to say a word.


Why is YOUR LOOK important and what does it communicate about you to others? 

Every woman is beautiful and wants to show it. For that you need to understand yourself from a different perspective, master a set of rules and learn how to use them to your advantage.

It is because your presence is not just about how you look and what you wear but also the way you relate to yourself, the way you think about yourself and the way you take care about yourself.


How do you relate to yourself today? Do you see yourself as a beautiful, confident and inspiring woman?

  • YES, and I am proud of it.
  • NOT AT ALL, I have to do something about it.

What you wear and how you look is a way of expressing or repressing yourself in the world.

Many women put a lot of attention, time and energy to how they look and still don’t achieve the effect that they desire. You may also feel there is something more.

Sometimes the gaps are not even visible and you are not even aware of them. These gaps may ….

  • be stopping you in feeling and seeing yourself as a beautiful woman
  • confuse you about what fits you best in terms of style, color and shape
  • prevent you from confidently buying clothes and accessories that suit you and putting them on at the right occasion
  • block you from making the best out of the contemporary fashion and style choices


Are you a woman who has a vision and wants to clearly express it in the world?

Are you a woman leading an organization, team or a project and want reinforce
your natural charisma and authority?


This program is designed for you.

 Join Extraordinary Presence for Extraordinary women >>> 


Enjoy expressing your Extraordinary Woman with GIFEW!


The GIFEW team



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