Find and Express Your Authentic Voice

I am so delighted to interview the Creator of Your Whole Voice Judith Quin on how we can use our authentic voices in all that we do.  Judith is a public speaking coach, vocal confidence specialist and a sound healer.

Effective communication is a vital element for successful business, relationships and prosperity.  We communicate every day however how much clarity is in our massages?

Video 1:
Title: The Power of Clear Communication

It is quite easy to create miscommunication.  And how do we manage our emotions when we are confronted by rejection? 

Even an expert like Judith still experience those moments when she feels afraid to share her ideas. How much  space for expressing ideas freely and acceptance our unique contributions is currently present in a workplace?

Find how to remove that feeling of “being rejected” and empower yourself to be self-expressed and share your ideas freely. 

Video 2:
Title: How to Overcome Fear When Sharing Your Idea

There is a real power in awareness. How much are we aware of our feelings, state of mind, mood, emotions, thoughts, triggers and fears?

When Judith is self-aware she is able to create stronger relationships with clients and colleagues, to be more focused and present during the day, to communicate more clearly, to adapt more quickly to various situations and increase her ability to respond rather than react.

Video 3
Title: The Power of Awareness

I believe that having a little bit more of self-awareness can make real difference in our life and those around us.

Let’s find out what positive effect self-awareness can have in a workplace!