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Evolutionary Woman - Is That You?

with Bea Benkova & Richard Barrett, 

In The Evolutionary Human, Richard confirms with data what we may already have suspected, that women have a critical role to play in our species evolution. The more women in positions of power, the more that community, organisation, or nation evolves to a higher level of consciousness.

During my interview with Richard, I’ll be asking him what it means to be an Evolutionary Woman and what is our natural role as women in the evolution of our species.  It’s going to be ground breaking!  You won’t want to miss it.

Your Courageous Conversations?

with Bea Benkova & Vik Maraj, 


One of the most important tools in the Evolutionary Woman’s toolkit is the ability to have courageous conversations.  It’s a gap for women that once filled will unlock a power never before seen by humanity. 

Discover the power that having courageous conversations can have on your life and the things that you care about most.