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Meet our team:

Bea Benkova, founder and CEO of GIFEW

Bea is committed to the idea that every woman is powerful and feminine, vital and wealthy; that she lives her life in her natural flow, fulfilling her purpose so she may leave her legacy, while enjoying love, harmony and respect in her relationships with men.

Her promise to the world as a whole – to women and humanity collectively – is her commitment to accelerating transformation on the planet through the aligned power of Extraordinary Women.

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Share with other graduates:

Once you are part of the Institute and participate in our educational programs, we will help you connect to a network of other women who will support you as you grow by collaborating with you on the projects that you love.

At this time, there are about 160 women engaged in the Femina Fusion Foundation Certificate program that began in January 2013. The conversations, the energy and the actions these women are creating for themselves and for their community are simply amazing!!! The GIFEW team is inspired. Thank you for trusting us to ignite the Extraordinary Women inside of you!

Here are few shares from our graduates:

“I’m growing so quickly thanks to the other women in the Constellation because we are creating this learning experience together.”

“I can’t imagine life before being engaged with these powerful women that are on a similar path.”

“A wonderful flood of interesting people came into my life; they support my ideas and all things I am passionate about”

“I am really enjoying our journey and everything we are going through on the way together.”

“Bea opened my eyes and created a WOW effect. She connected me to a great network of women.”

“I want to keep in touch, and continue these interesting discussions with the Femina Fusion ladies while expanding the pool of enlightened women around me.”

“I am so happy to be a part of this group! I am looking forward to sharing some new ideas, vibrations and energy with each other.”

“I participated in the global Femina Fusion and I am so enthusiastic about the program and the entire GIFEW. I would love to enter the next level and continue in the next program, the Femina Fusion Application.”

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