GIFEW INTERVIEW with Dr. Phyllis

GIFEW INTERVIEW with Dr. Phyllis SantaMaria:

Learning Without Borders – the catalyst for life without borders through alternative finance.



Dr Phyllis SantaMaria’s passion for empowering poor people through education, enterprise and microfinance began as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1960s. As founder of the first women’s weaving group in Guatemala, Dr SantaMaria saw the real difference business made to rural people. This inspired Dr SantaMaria’s career focus of education and enterprise development, taking her from the slums of Kenya and the villages of India to the classrooms of Germany and the boardrooms of London.

Learning without borders is her organization – “we are a catalyst for life without borders and the way we do this is through alternative finance.”



GIFEW interviewed Dr. Phyllis about her passion and commitment to making a difference.


Alternative Finance, including the essential credit, savings, insurance and payment services needed by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Dr.Phyllis: “I am so passionate about this because I see it’s a way for people to reach their full potential.” 

Alternative Finance refers to non-banking financial services that fill the gaps left by traditional institutions, offering greater variety, more flexibility and easier access. This serves populations that don’t have access to finance, which could include the poor, women’s groups, minority groups, those with no credit history, and more.

Economic Pyramid

Alternative Finance has revolutionized the distribution and access to financial services through technology, and offers simpler products at lower prices to appeal to all tiers of the pyramid.



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Thank you for the interview.


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