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Gary Malkin is an award-winning composer and professional speaker who inspires the world to embrace music as a catalyst for healing, presence and a more meaningful life. His groundbreaking work redefines the role of the arts in all aspects of society, including healthcare, education and corporate America.

A multiple Emmy Award winner, Gary has spent the last three decades composing music that enhances the human experience.Through his life-affirming global production company Wisdom of the World, he spearheads internationally acclaimed projects that showcase music as a catalyst for mindfulness, health, wellness and emotional intelligence.

The Journey MUSIC composed by Gary Malkin

Tu Wieming – “Peaceful Journey” MUSIC composed by Gary Malkin

Wisdom Moment - Jyoti - "Walking the Red Road" MUSIC composed by Gary Malkin

 "What is the use of MUSIC in your personal transformation?"

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 REPLAY of GIFEW GRATITUDE WEBINAR with GARY MALKIN on 11 January 2015 where we launched the 21-journey

REPLAY of GIFEW GRATITUDE WEBINAR with GARY MALKIN on 1 February about sharing gratitude experiences.

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Gary is dedicated to using the arts and multisensory tools to cultivate healing and foster social change.

  • He works intimately with the healthcare industry to integrate music into their healing strategies and provide meaningful multisensory tools such as his acclaimed CD Graceful Passages. Co-produced with Michael Stillwater, Graceful Passages is an indispensable resource for people working with hospice and palliative care, cancer centers and anyone coping with loss or other challenging transitions.
  • In 2011, Gary co-authored the groundbreaking book and CD set Safe in the Arms of Love with David Surrenda, Ph.D. and Lisa Rafel. The project shows audiences how to utilize music to enhance the bond between parent and child.
  • What Makes Your Heart Sing, Gary’s collaboration with Bruce Cryer, is a crucial tool for health care providers and leaders who want to connect more fully with themselves and those they serve. The project establishes passion and purpose as powerful vehicles for success in all areas of life.


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  • A gifted professional speaker and performer, Gary delivers customized presentations at events ranging from executive meetings and corporate retreats to clinics and national conferences. He has been featured by PBS, the Huffington Post and national radio and television programs. He is a multiple Emmy, Clio, Peabody and ASCAP award recipient.


  • Gary also teaches corporations how to embrace music as a tool for increased productivity, emotional EQ and mindfulness. He recently collaborated with World Business Academy Founder Rinaldo Brutoco on a new corporate media genre that promotes environmental consciousness and a deeper commitment to values. Whether creating media that re-awakens disengaged employees or developing resources to support individuals experiencing loss, Gary is a master at bringing us back to what matters most.

To Contact Gary for a Public Speaking Engagement, Keynote Speech, Renewal Retreat, or Workshop, please call Wisdom of the World at 888 242 6608 or email him at staff@wisdomoftheworld.com.