Who are you? What is your background?

Jan Polak is a longtime advisor, facilitator, trainer, and coach of managers and entrepreneurs with international experience from Great Britain, USA , Australia, South Africa, India and Hong Kong. Through his company Prosperity Vision and its partners he is also active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

He is a strong advocate for purposeful enterprises and holistic approach to business,  and is focused on supporting development and use of natural talents and human potential of individuals and teams in both small and large companies. Specifically, Jan empowers entrepreneurs and enterprises to propel humanity forward.

Jan is one of the few world’s Master Practitioners and Trainers in Wealth Dynamics, a unique approach for entrepreneurs to find their natural flow, build synergistic collaboration and stay on purpose in business, and the Global Head Master Trainer in Talent Dynamics, number one pathway for accelerating trust and flow in large organisations.

Despite the fact that he dedicated his past twenty years discovering, practicing and integrating many aspects of personal, professional, team and organisational development and transformation, he still considers himself an enthusiastic and curious student in this field.

In the past Jan worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and as a parter in the London-based Strategy Dynamics Solutions Ltd. He studied internationally and obtained his MBA from the prestigious London Business School and a Professional Masters degree at Cornell University in the USA majoring in organisational behaviour. More than his positions and degrees, however, Jan values the experience of being able to grow, explore new perspectives of the world, collaboration and business, discover new possibilities as well as seize the opportunities to cooperate with visionaries, leaders, experts and like-minded and like-hearted people from around the world.

Jan’s work is both his hobby and calling, and he sees business and entrepreneurship as a potent way of human contribution and effective form of collectively doing good.

What is your organisation about?

"My purpose is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to propel humanity forward. I stand for new business paradigm. Individuals and groups and collectives can accomplish and contribute meaningfully. Business is a platforms where all spectrum of needs can be addressed, expressed, challenged where we can go from survival to highest service and everything in-between. I see big opportunity in this era when transformation is happening in real time to what we do."

At New Business Paradigm, my work and approach combines new paradigm consulting, interactive facilitation, and holistic coaching to produce radical improvements in clarity of purpose, multiply the individual and collective talent and unlock the hidden value and purpose at the individual, team and business level. My approach crystallises 20 years of experience in business and personal transformation along with a set of distinctions and tools that balance heart and mind, visionary and practical, and rigorous and playful aspects of business.

I invite business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and managers who resonate with the meaningful approach to business. Whether you are open to change how you think about and do your business or are already implementing some aspects and would like to progress your business to next level. I work with, share with, connect to, empower and promote businesses that inspire me. Although my reach is global, I particularly care about contributing to transformation of entrepreneurship and the business environment in Slovakia and Czech Republic, where I am originally from.

What are your projects, products, events where people can engage?

Are you inspired to unlock your natural talent, find more purpose and build more meaningful value in your business? Do you believe it’s time to join the growing entrepreneurial movement that both prospers and makes a difference?

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