What is your stand?

Many years ago I chose to be a billionaire –not in money but in people. I wanted to help at least a billion people before I died. Not necessarily help each one personally and directly but help a billion people to help one another through something I created. It meant whatever I created couldn’t rely on me being there and had to work without me.
Why? Because I have nearly been killed on 7 different instances –drowning, car accidents, gun situations and other events so I had to create something that would work even when anything happened to me including positive things! Without my ego whatever got created would serve people’s spirits and souls.

What is your background?

I was born in Pakistan near Kashmir and the Himalayan Mountains in 1966 but my parents emigrated with me to the UK in 1970.

I was educated in Crawley, near Gatwick Airport in Sussex. After leaving school I became a cocktail barman for several years and learned intuitively how to mix things together that had synergy in the experience that resulted.

I had long standing interest in Astronomy so in 1989 I decided to study Astrophysics at Queen Mary & Westfield College at the University of London with the hope to join NASA in the USA and train as a mission specialist and work as an Astronaut on future missions. I wanted to explore why many astronauts when into space and came back having had profound shifts in consciousness and their way of being –was it simply the great views or did the low gravity environments or other factors of space travel affect awareness and realisation?

While studying for my degree I studied Nuclear and Quantum Physics and that raised the question of whether reality is created through a marriage of human consciousness and energy at nuclear levels. This prompted me on graduation in 1992 to divert from going to NASA to studying the physics of the human brain by enrolling on a Master of Science degree in Computer Modelling of Molecular and Biological Processes at Birkbeck College, also part of the University of London. This led me to be asked to teach on how the mind affects the body in stress related disorders at various colleges and businesses around the world.

This took me into Buddhism and practice of martial art and healing practices of Tai Chi and Qigong. I trained in these to a level where I started to train other instructors in Eastern spiritual ways of managing energy for health and purpose while integrating knowledge of physics and biochemistry to understand things from a Western, scientific perspective. This led me to work with helping out at the Global Peace Summit for Women Spiritual and Religious Leaders in 2002 at Geneva, Switzerland and helping women cancer patients in the Caribbean.

Major corporations asked for my help including Sky Broadcasting, Unilever with their Rebranding conference in 2004, training British Telecom executive staff in Rapport and Collaboration as well as Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite Foundation.

After many years working with clients and training instructors and practitioners as well as delivering programmes in businesses and corporations, in 2008 I found a way of encoding what I learnt into Energy Diamond, a mentoring process for collaboration and self-help online software to map mental health and social wellbeing. Energy Diamond tools and approaches began to help people in social networks to collaborate with one another to improve their lives and the world. In 2013 I won European Union funding to develop the Collaboration Cycle process I developed and the associated Atmascope Resonance Engine software to help facilitate improved creativity and innovation in London’s Creative and Digital business sectors. Goldsmiths University and Kingston University in London collaborated with me to develop the Collaboration and Creativity functions of my coaching process and associated software.

Whom do you serve?

My current focus is in using the Collaboration Cycle and associated software to help individuals discover the ‘centre of gravity’ of their lives, businesses and communities. My motivation is to help each person get out of their own way and find their way and then connect with others who also have so they can find new ways to attend to their emerging purpose while transforming the world. This three stage process of working through the three cycles of Awakening, Collaboration and Transformation (the A.C.T. cycle) is now my core work. The A.C.T. process will be my mentoring process with women taking part in GIFEW development programmes.

What are your projects, products, events where people can engage?

Atmascope Resonance Engine
ARE is online software can be used to help you find your daily priority and in time help you unfold clarity on your true calling. The software can help you by matching you to others who resonate with you so you can all gain wisdom from one another as well as the power and grace to apply to make not just make a difference in the world but make a dent in the universe, to not just make an impression on your life but to have an impact on humanity.

The Balance Point - FEBRUARY 7 - 28, 2015

A Free 21 day science programme to help you find the centre of gravity of your life, what your life revolves around each day. The programme then links your centre with other peoples who resonate with you so that together you can build the momentum to have an impact on the world. Each week explores Awakening, Collaboration and Transformation in turn.

Shifting levels of consciousness & resonance

The Awakening Cycle:  

The Collaboration Cycle:  

“As a scientist I am aware that man have had great influence in history with a lot women behind the scene. Unfortunately, not all of the visions have led us to necessary a good world. I think it’s time for the visions of women and the visions of feminine energy, and for men to provide technical support in making it happen. For GIFEW I am happy to provide that support and being of service…”