What is my commitment, purpose, passion or motivation; what is important for me in life, regardless of what I’m doing right now?

I am a stand for female leadership and empowerment.  My purpose and mission is to create a vortex leading and healing the feminine.  My vision for the world and the change that I plan to see in my lifetime is a gender balanced flow of money in the global financial system where the masculine and feminine are in harmony and everyone on the planet has just enough.  I am most in flow when I am creating and collaborating with extraordinary women to deliver on our collective purpose and transform the world.

What are you doing now?  What is your prior work experience?

I grew my career in Human Resources Management in New York and London.  When I entered the work force in post 911 New York after graduating from Barnard women’s college, I was full of optimism and a sense that anything was possible.  As I quickly climbed the corporate ladder, I noticed over the next 15 years that women were “dropping out” and all of a sudden I woke up as the only woman on the senior leadership team.  Through GIFEW education, I was able to clarify my life’s purpose, build my own constellation of extraordinary women, and contribute to the world beyond my own life and make a real difference.

I joined the GIFEW core team in early 2017 and have found the perfect “home,” my rightful place in the constellation of extraordinary women.  “Work” has a whole new meaning for me as everything that I do is aligned to my purpose.  I lead diversity and inclusion programs for senior leaders in media.  I also coach women in health and wealth, creating a movement of social marketers disrupting traditional patriarchal business.

What is your connection to GIFEW?  Why do you resonate with the intention of the Institute?

My original connection with GIFEW was through my personal growth and development on GIFEW leadership programs.  Through my participation in GIFEW education, I discovered my life’s purpose to lead and heal the feminine which is directly related to GIFEW’s purpose to transform the world through the aligned power of extraordinary women.  On a personal level, Bea and Tinka are like sisters to me.  I cannot imagine my life without their sisterhood and I cannot imagine the world without GIFEW.