Who you are?

My parents named me well, Phil is derived from the Greek word for love and that is my reason for being here at this remarkable time in human history.

My current role as CEO of Barrett Values Centre fits perfectly with my personal purpose. Our work supports people to become conscious of what is most important in their lives and in the lives of others and to shift from fear to love, from narrow self-interest to living a life in service to the common good.

I am also a lifelong student. In a ‘Malcolm Gladwell, 10,000 hours’ sort of way, I know I have mastery in this field of work. However, the more I explore and learn, the more I realise that I am just a novice. Like every other human being I have daily struggles with my ego and personal fears. This is a lifelong calling and I am dedicated to the journey.
Here>>> is my LinkedIn profile for more information.

What is your organisation about?

Barrett Values Centre (BVC)provides powerful metrics that enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organizations, and the leadership development needs of their managers and leaders.

The core products of the organisation are the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT). The Cultural Transformation Tools have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organisations and 3,000 leaders in 90 countries. The Cultural Transformation Tools are used by corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, communities, schools and nations. The CTT values assessment instruments are available in over 50 languages.

The products and services of Barrett Values Centre can be found Here>>>

We invite you to take a free Personal Values Assessment>>> to explore what is most important to you, please share this with family, friends and colleagues for a rich conversation.

If you run a team and would like to create deeper connection, trust and performance, you are welcome to download and use this book designed for leaders and change agents. Get Connected>>>

What inspires you?

I keep coming back to this simple and beautiful quote from Anne Frank.
I am also inspired by the Drum Corps International movement. Young adults (normally between 14 and 21) learn values such as teamwork, cooperation, respect, self-discipline and trust while creating the pinnacle of marching music. Here is are some clips from the 2014 world finals.