What is my commitment, purpose, passion or motivation; what is important for me in life, regardless what I’m doing right now?

Tatiana’s purpose is to transform women by showing them the new world of possibilities and self-expression. When a woman is undergoing a transformation, she is growing from inside and becoming a person with new views, feelings, and values. She begins to clearly see her very own path of being and learns to create value in her world.

Tatiana is convinced that powerfully expressing the self through one’s outside beauty enables better communication of who you are, what do you stand for and how do you feel inside. Before you even begin to speak, your appearance speaks for you.

Tatiana’s passions have always been fashion and beauty. A career spent on her own personal development brought Tatiana on a transformational journey, where her passion became her purpose and profession.

What are you doing now? What is your prior work experience?

Tatiana practiced law in Slovakia for several years. Gradually, her passion for color and style overtook her interest in the legal profession. After getting trained by professionals in the UK, she joined London-based styling agency Red Leopard as an independent partner, in 2009.

Her clients come from different walks of life and various cultures, yet all are eager to express their deep life’s purpose in keeping with their own visual appearance. As a stylist, she truly enjoys finding and developing good taste and style in all people. When her clients feel expressed they look attractive, and that in turn brings a sense of accomplishment to both Tatiana and her clients.

Additionally, Tatiana has the unique ability to bring a sense of timing, focus and an appreciation of value to businesses and their services and products. She is brings this strength when advising businesses, specifically those which deal with the transformation of women and development of the overall entrepreneurial environment.

What is your connection to the Institute? Why do you resonate with the intention of the Institute?

Tatiana feels a need to have a unique platform where women can grow and transform.

The Institute expresses what is important for her. Being one of the co-creators of GIFEW is one way that Tatiana can realize her purpose and enable the transformation of women in their personal lives and in business.