Who you are?

Although Vik had been working with organizations for years, in 2008 he participated in the Landmark Forum which deliver a powerful “wake up” that left him with a penetrating insight into his taken-for-granted views that limited his life and what was possible.

Within the process of his own transformation he realized what it takes to make a REAL difference in others.

Vik has been speaking on, teaching, facilitating, coaching and leading game-changing conversations for over 13 years. He has dramatically shifted governments, corporations, boards, non-profits and teams of people.

His clients have ranged from the United Way to the United Nations; from the First Nations of Nunavut to the Government of Dubai. He has broken a deadlocked $4 Billion international impasse on carbon capture and taught hostage negotiation to the RCMP. At the most human level, Vik has permanently and positively transformed the relationships, quality of life and futures of communities, organizations and families.

He has a masters degree in molecular and cell biology, is trained in high stakes conflict, ontology, group behaviour, neuro-linguistic programing, and the use of language systems in shaping human thinking and behaviour. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of a now 200+ person international education design company.

Most impressive of all, Vik can wiggle his little toes independent of his other toes and apologizes for self-aggrandizing biographies written in the third person that are clearly authored by the subject of said biography!

What is your organisation about?

Under his culture transformation firm, Unstoppable Conversations, Vik facilitates leadership training and development programs for executives and teams in mid-to-large size organizations.

Unstoppable’s unique methodology provides access to blind-spots for almost all leaders – the automatic everyday conversations that dominate most of their interactions; patterns of speech and ingrained assumptions that are so taken-for-granted that they go unnoticed for years and for decades and constrain the range of available actions. These “default” conversations are historical, shared, and limiting. Once identified entirely new conversations, views, and actions become immediately available making and immediate positive difference.

Leaders create a pathway to go beyond the culture that they “wound up having” over years of surviving. In other words leaders shift from a culture of survival to one of creativity - where people act from the core purpose and the values of the organization - toward a commitment bigger than any one person’s self-interest.

Vik‘s clients have included some of the world's largest energy companies, Canadian universities, the Canadian federal and provincials governments, the World Congress on Biodiversity, the Government of Dubai, IBM, Sherritt International, Kasian Architects, UNESCO, and other local and international organizations.

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