Welcome from our GIFEW Women

Katka Archer, UK

GIFEW weekend was for me a dance of nourishing energy, celebration of sisterhood and feminine leadership and space for deep connections with my and others souls. I had feeling of being one with others all the time. Incredible listening and empathy from Nienke van Bezooijen and Kawtar El Alaoui created magic in which i connected deeper with my soul and purpose.

For some time i experiences frustration during my listening learning process and finally I have discovered that i am listener from heart. Listener who doesnt need to judge, change or fix others anymore neighter giving advance, recommendations and should/shouldn’t directions. ( if not asked for) It’s simply listening from heart and let be what ever is there because it’s perfect.

I strongly feel that an important step for the next human evolution is creating a space for listening from nothing so people are heart and gotten as they are. This I believe will bring peace, healing and clarity into their life.

Kathelyn Vannieuwenborgh, BE


'The hidden world reveals itself when we listen', someone said. And 'No story lives unless someone wants to listen', someone else said.

The days running up to the weekend, were a roller coaster of emotions for me, wondering even if it was the right thing to do given the state I was in, worried and not sure what to expect.

And yes I followed my intuition and got on the plane, I let go of what was there masking whatever was deep anchored and let my soul guide me. Every moment and every experience I am grateful for, I discovered through listening what love in action can express and also e-motion.

The unconditional mutual support, the source and pool of energy we created and tapped into was a beacon in the constellation sky for all of us. I connected with my soul and purpose throughout and felt loved and supported to discover this to the deepest extent. It's a journey to be continued.

Lubica Ragula, Sk

The time just disappeared for me on Saturday and it felt like at home with all of you It was really unique, what space we created all together to be open, vulnerable and authentic, the sense of support and togetherness! I learned that via deep listening we can really tune into what wants to emerge, the listening exercise was really powerful for me. Also the part with Nienke and Kawtar was powerful beyond words, the miracles you did with us, its hard to describe.

I love what was said, that when we listen from curiosity there is no space to be fearful I take away to practice deeper connection with my inner voice and intuition and follow it. I discovered I am a stand for collaboration to save our planet! Im committed to develop further our Conscious Ecology Platform and share about our sisterhood to all women I know, so our sisterhood or impact platforms can grow.

Margarita Gianitelli, USA

I learned that I'm a healer and I'm a step closer to fulfilling my great calling. I learned to no longer allow fear take over the power within me. I released so much energy and welcomed love, acceptance and being my true self. I learned to listen and while listening, I also learned that I'm an internal healer for women with a low self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.