Ignite your Genius! The Genius Test in 5 minutes


How much of your success is in your DNA? How much of it comes from skills that you can learn? Are we born into success or can you shape your destiny simply by deciding you will be successful?

I’m excited to announce the launch of the Genius Test, a free test on this question called “The Genius Test”. It’s a Facebook App you can get a sneak peek at and try on yourself and your friends at www.mygeniustest.com. The test is based on the fact that we are all geniuses, and we each have one of four geniuses that match the four sides of the Wealth Dynamics square.

Here’s a video I made for you on “Your Genius in 5 Minutes”


In creating the test, I spend a lot of time studying this debate of “nature vs nurture”. Are Geniuses and exceptional people born that way, or do we all have an equal chance at being exceptional? 

What is a natural-born entrepreneur? Here’s the expert’s verdict!! The Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Amy Cosper, wrote this week on the subject ‘Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made’. She says “We can all agree there are several types of entrepreneurs: startup, serial, those who flip other people’s companies and those who start nothing but buy companies and make them better.”

Julian Lange, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College, adds “Some people don’t want any risk, and some are always looking for risk… I have seen many different people become entrepreneurs with very different skill sets and at different points in their careers. I think it would be hard to make a bet that someone is not going to be an entrepreneur based on their skills and proclivities or at a particular point in their life. The exceptions prove the rule again and again.”

Got the idea? The expert opinion is that all types of people at all ages seem to get successful in all types different ways. The rule is there are no rules! Failures become successes. Your past performance is no indication of your future success. 

You might find this encouraging. But it also doesn’t give much direction. My conclusion is that our natural path to success is part nature, part nurture. You were born a genius. We each have one of four geniuses, and when you focus on your genius you find your natural path in life.

My Genius TestRichard Branson is a Dynamo Genius, and spends all his time on his creations. Oprah Winfrey is a Blaze Genius, and spends all her time on her connections. Warren Buffett is a Tempo Genius, and spends all his time timing the market, and Mark Zuckerberg is a Steel Genius, and spends all his time improving his platform.

Each of the people that Amy and Julian are referring to became successful when they began to focus on their genius. Focusing on your genius is like tuning in the radio dial to your music. Your life becomes a joy, and you find new ways to rapidly increase your success and fulfillment in life.

Just follow this focus and you get to spend more “Genius Time” on what you love! How awesome! But what about all the “Hard Work” time you’ve been taught you need to be doing, struggling with the things that don’t come so naturally? As Julian says, “No one person has all the skills necessary to handle everything him or herself. You get a team to cover your bases. Even if one person has everything going for them, there are only 24 hours a day in a seven-day week. You need other people to work with you and make up for additional skills you don’t have.” 

Your genius comes naturally, but knowing how to use it and how to work with others to bring out their genius needs to be learned. That’s the difference between nature and nurture. 

The Genius Test is a simple way that you can learn about your own genius as well as how to use to improve everything from your business to your love life to your social media style (It’s all in the app). It’s also a simple way to find out what genius your friends and family are, so you bring out the genius in them.

How will you benefit from taking the Genius Test? Here’s the best 5 reasons I can think of:

  1. Get great insights on how to ignite your genius – There is a learning section in the app which includes videos on how to learn, lead, live and love your natural way
  2. Help your friends and family get in flow – Who would you like to inspire to live to their full potential? From the app you can invite them to take the test and you will see what their genius is and how to support them in growing their genius
  3. Surround yourself with geniuses – Once you take the test, you get a personal dashboard, and you can add your friends or famous personalities to your Genius Circle
  4. Make sense of your social network – You are connected to friends and followers, but how do you get the best out of them, and help them get the best out of you? The Genius Test connects to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ so you can know not just who is in your network, but learn what they are best at.
  5. Grow your social genius – How well do you know your close network? We should be measuring our social networks not by quantity but quality. You will also see our Social Genius rankings in the app, which lets you grow your social genius.

When you follow your natural genius, life becomes a joy. But if you focus on your weaknesses, everything becomes hard work.

Try it! It’s free, it’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s waiting for you at www.mygeniustest.com

Simply go to www.mygeniustest.com and log in

Leave a comment on the site and I’ll meet you there!

Keep making magic,
Roger Hamilton

Roger roger transparentHamilton is a world-renowned futurist and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and Chairman of Green School, Bali. He is the creator of the Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profiling systems used by over 120,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow. Each year, Roger meets with leading change makers and entrepreneurs on his Fast Forward your Business events held in Asia, Australia, UK, and the U.S. At these events, Roger shares the Top 10 Trends in Business and the latest tools and technologies that allow for business owners to ride the waves of change.


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