Interview with Carolyn Pearson

Do you ofter travel for business? Passion for technology, women and travel can make your experience extraordinary. 

GIFEW prepared an interview >>> with Carolyn Pearson, CEO of Mayden-voyage.

“What I stand for is living a life with passion which is putting together 3 things very close to my heart technology, women, travel. Technology because it can bring people together and all communication around the world. Women because I am passionate about supporting and furthering women. Travel as I love to experience different people and different nations.”

With these words introduced herself Carolyn Pearson CEO of Mayden-voyage, who founded this social network after reaching top career in her IT field in the UK and also around the world.


What have GIFEW and Maiden-Voyage in common? 

Connecting women through technology, passion and collaboration.

  • Do you often travel for business? Connect with like-minded professional women, stay in female friendly hotels and enjoy your travel thanks to MAIDEN-VOYAGE social network.
“I think you are what I was referring to women helping other women. And to have a central core in the wheel that collaborates with other women’s organisation and is really open. So i.e. when we two first made contact, you were completely open, looking for positive ways to collaborate, to work and support each other. Just your general attention to pull this together is going to make you a success and also really influence supporting women world wide.”




JOIN MAIDEN-VOYAGE free>>>>, founded by Carolyn Pearson, is a social network to connect like-minded professional women whilst they are away on business travel.  All the features of the site are free and the benefits include:


  • A secure  and personal network, they call all new members to ensure that they are female and to give you a personal introduction to the service
  • Secure networking; log-in, register your travel dates and connect securely through the site with other women travelling around the world for coffee, dinner or to explore the city in like-minded company
  • A global network of City Ambassadors >>>, professional women who have written city guides with a focus on female travellers – you may contact the ambassadors with a specific question or even meet for coffee whilst you travel to their city (great for getting the low-down, top recommendations and help you to get quickly accustomed)
  • Recommended Female-Friendly Hotels >>>.  All of our hotels have been physically inspected to ensure that they meet essential safety criteria such as double-locking doors, 24×7 security and all those items that make our stay a little bit more comfortable, including quality toiletries, salon standard hairdryers, removable coat hangers, plug sockets close to mirrors etc.
  • Exclusive member offers at female friendly hotels including upgrades, a welcome glass of champagne, spa treatments etc.
  • Other benefits include events, competitions, exclusive fashion, beauty and travel offers.


GIFEW Group Code: – When registering, enter ‘GIFEW‘ before your first name to register as a member of GIFEW, this will allow you  to identify other members who are travelling to the same city so that you can continue to build your network with like-minded women with whom you already have something in common.


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