Interview with GIFEW Graduate Lucia Tajcmanova


This time we share with you a story of woman scientist, Lucie Tajcmanova, Assistant Professor at the ETH Zurich, ERC grant holder and graduate of GIFEW education.

Enjoy reading Lucia’s story:

“Being a scientist, my aim is to bring an aspect of humanity and authenticity to the scientific world.

For me this means to bring more freedom into the communication,
synergy and integrity as well as to reinforce the position of women in science.” 

Last year I received a European Research Council (ERC) award of €1.5mio for my research. That grant is an extremely competitive and prestigious funding scheme and I was told that it is like to get a small Nobel Prize. Many people told me, I cannot get it because my scientific field is more or less “lifeless”. So when I got the prize, I showed them that everything is possible and there are never ending possibilities in life.

The grant gives me the opportunity to build my scientific team and to do the research on fundamental things in my field. This opportunity also brought many new things into my life. I have become a leader of a small group of people. Furthermore, I meet with more students and more scientific colleagues. My aim is to be a human leader and scientist, which means to be powerful, inspiring, motivating and supporting the people who I am working with. I want to grow as a leader in order to become powerful but without pressure. I want to be the source or the driving force and at that point I realized that I have to be able to lead myself first.

I as a scientist, I look at each problem from multi-dimensional point of view. It is as if you put 3D glasses on and you discover more and more which was not visible there before on the first sight. In the same way, one can use the 3D glasses to see new things in her/his life. That is why I join the GIFEW mentoring circle.


My participation in the Mentoring Circle gives me the opportunity to look at all aspect of my life through new dimensions. These discoveries help me to solve all the situations in my life with ease and creativity. Since the beginning of the mentoring program, I have learned a lot about who I really am, about my strengths, about my vision. It has helped me to transform myself from being a 20 hours per day working robot to someone who brings her authenticity, humanity and energy in to the life. In the way, I am then able to empower all people in my surrounding. This makes me feel powerful, joyful and free.”

Thank you Lucie for sharing your story with us!

Your GIFEW team



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