Welcome to GIFEW

What is GIFEW?

GIFEW is an educational platform, community, and energetic field of women from around the world. Together we grow and develop ourselves and make a difference in our lives, our families, and our communities.  We do this by aligning our head, heart and souls as individuals and collaborating in a constellation of women aligned to our purpose, passion, and talents. As an organisation, we exist to transform humanity through the aligned power of evolving women. 

We exist for the purpose of bringing about a new culture for humanity based on expressing feminine qualities. 
GIFEW brings together over 13 years of experience in training, coaching, mentoring and connecting women leaders from 5 different continents and across different sectors and domains including leading women executives, entrepreneurs, professionals in working in diverse areas. 
GIFEW engages a unique combination of modern, multi - sensory approaches and cutting edge distinctions that are co-delivered by our powerful and accomplished Mentors Faculty. Some of these distinct models include the Authentic and Integrated Women Leadership Model, Consciousness of the Atlantic Rainforest, Araretama Extraordinary vibrational essences and an Ontological Linguistic approach to Being in the World.

We view women as a catalyst and carriers of the new paradigm and work with evolutionary women leaders, change makers, change agents who stand for making a difference in the world and for making our society better. 

Our motto is #togetherwerise

We have Constellation Membership for the women who resonate with the vision and feel the same desire to connect, grow, co-create and co-lead together. 

Following is more is about our GIFEW Education.

1. 7 Levels of Consciousness

Please read these 3 short docs about the 7 levels of consciousness that I believe you will enjoy. 

You can also do your Personal Values Assessment on this link: 

2. Multi-sensory Education

Please watch one of our favourite videos - the music has been composed by one of our GIFEW Mentors - Gary Malkin - he is truly amazing. 

1. Gary is a 7-times Emmy Award winning composer whose commitment is to create transformation media that increase consciousness. You can check out his GIFEW Mentor Profile here:


2. These 2 videos from our GIFEW 2013 Summit delivered by our 2 faculty members Sandra Epstein and Jazz Rasool that share about how our education works as well.

Password: GIFEWConstellation    

Password: GIFEWConstellation    

If you have time, you might also want to watch this interview we did with Richard Barrett for our Global Social Change Summit which shares about evolution of consciousness and connects it to the challenges in the women well being and why. 

Richard Barrett - A New Psychology of Human Well-Being

Richard Barrett - Evolutionary Woman: Is that YOU?