Joining CIRCLE of PEERS unlocks valuable SYNERGY

Bea Benkova – the founder and CEO of GIFEW shares about shift from individual coaching programs to mentoring circles. GIFEW has openings for advanced year long program “Inner Circle 2014 – Mentoring program for the new culture >>>”.

Why have you created circle for women leaders?

“I love mentoring and empowering women, that is where I come alive, where I make the most    difference, that is who I am. For the past few years I have worked with women individually and it has given me a great deal of pleasure. At the same time, over the last year I became very focussed on the new culture of collaboration and synergies.

Empowering someone individually is great, but it does not fully increase their ability to collaborate and create synergies to make the impact they want to make in the world. The challenge comes when they want to start creating collaboration and synergy and they realize it is not that easy.

That’s interesting, why is it a challenge for them?

Because we are not born into the culture that operates that way. We are born into the world that is more about the competition than collaboration. The new paradigm is about collaboration and synergies but it has not been fully grounded yet even though more and more people start engaging in it and operating in this new way.

Many people have been talking about team work and collaboration for years, but in my experience to really create a collaboration, co-creation and synergy needs also a specific level of training and personal growth.

Therefore when I mentor women individually it’s great! The moment I want 2 individual women to connect together because I can see the synergy and collaboration they can create together,

I say ok why don’t you just go and talk and co-create things and start collaborating together. I can see it very clearly for them. At the same time it might not happen or better to say it did not happen on the level I saw it possible for them. Either they didn’t see it themselves and hence did not meet or when they met they they didn’t bond well with each other in order for synergy to take place or there were invisible barriers between them that prevented it from happening.

It took me two years wondering, why? And then I had my “AHA” MOMENT. It was when we launched GIFEW that I got to see WHY. I realized that it actually takes another level of training and understanding of specific distinctions that were lacking. Many times people say they want to collaborate and they might really mean it yet when it comes to collaboration their instinct stops them.

Specific factors are needed for understanding and valuing each other to know the right timing, to be able to connect in such a way which will unlock the synergy. You can collaborate with people and try to work in many different ways, but there is one way, when you really connect which enables the energy to flow and create resonance. It’s similar to the brain when two neurones synapse, it’s like the click that was missing and then people can really work very well together and create synergistic collaboration.

We started getting into the questions: How do you collaborate with some? How do you create synergies? What questions do you need to ask yourself to see it and unlock it? What are you looking for and what are the foundations to unlock the synergies? That’s why in GIFEW we have created MENTORING CIRCLES FOR NEW CULTURE.

Does it however, lose the individual mentoring value when women are only part of the mentoring circle program?

Not at all, the mentoring circle is designed as a multidimensional program. During the year, women are mentored as a group but also individually so it is actually much more powerful and has significant impact. The group aspect and also individual aspect are interwoven into the design of the program. By being part of the group you can see how all of you grow and you are able to practice. You can see in action how all of you respond to each other, how you collaborate, co-create. It doesn’t mean that all of of the women inside the circle need to collaborate together, it depends on their pathway.

Nevertheless, there is a way you will be unlocking synergies, bringing intuition to each other, supporting each other. You can see the circle as a playground. From this learning curve you will get the new ’muscles’ to use and play with in your life.

And there is another level of collaboration that we train women in. This is collaboration through diversity which is absolutely critical in the current world if we are to co-create a resilient, inclusive and sustainable world.

When people do move and collaborate often they do so with people who are like them. It is much easier for them. For a lawyer it is easier to collaborate with lawyers or a banker with bankers because they are of similar professional backgrounds. But try to collaborate with someone who is actually different than you. And that’s where the upgrade happens in our programs.

For us at GIFEW it’s all about collaboration through diversity.

If you are an introvert you look for an extrovert. If you are innovative you look for someone in your team who is grounded. You respect them and actually seek them out because you know they complement you. When you create synergies with those people you can unlock something valuable and powerful.

WHAT is the Circle about? Who is it for and how does it work?

Inner circle 2014 – Mentoring program for the new culture” is 12 months multi-dimensional space to support you in achieving what is important to you and to empower you to grow.

The upgrades and breakthroughs will come through many different spaces – individual talks, mentoring, group conversations, sharing, when you take action…It is delivered personally by me and GIFEW core team who bring to the circles different energy, values and mentoring that is complementary. For example I am a visionary and high level future thinker, Monika is very practical and a real expert is coaching women to grow their teams, mobilize resources for their visions and a great connector. Tatiana, who has just created her new signature program Extraordinary Presence for Extraordinary Women is a true expert in aligning women ‘s external presence and beauty to who they are and what they stand for.

The circle is deliberately designed to encompass many different dimensions because life is not linear. Life is multidimensional. When you understand that it will be easier for you to produce results.

The new culture is living a life to your fullest, fulfilling your potential whilst creating synergistic partnerships and synergies with other, being part of a resilient, inclusive and sustainable society and communities. But it is also about being happy, enjoying pleasure and walking the path that is aligned with who you are and why are you here.

It is really about the journey. So many people are obsessed with the results that they are not even aware of what is happening in the presence while walking the path.

For us at GIFEW it is about producing results with pleasure and not pressure.

In the current culture we are so trained to produce results with pressure. No one is even asking the question ‘I feel pressure, something must be off?’. If you are not experiencing pleasure and bliss and happiness in your life, then it is wake-up call inquire- why?


For women who stand to make a difference, who have a vision. You might not be completely clear about what the vision is but you know it is there.

You are in the space ‘I have accomplished a lot and I wanna move this year.’ Action is important for you. You want to learn, take action and produce results, create different reality around you. We can have insights, great intentions but unless we take action that moves reality, nothing else happens.


Details about “Inner Circle 2014 – Mentoring program for the new culture” >>>



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