Become a global vortex leader!

Welcome! The future is here and it looks bright!

GIFEW is launching a ground-breaking new transformational program for women change makers and leaders and we invite you to become the first cohort of Constellation Leaders!


  • The voice of the constellation in their sector of society and geography which is aligned to their purpose
  • Connected to the vision of the constellation, own that vision, and see that vision as part of the fulfilment of their purpose
  • Driven from soul level to take action from the GIFEW purpose to transform humanity through the aligned power of extraordinary women

Prerequisites to apply for the program:

  • Successful completion of Constellation Leadership program - certified by GIFEW as Future Constellation Leaders
  • Willingness to be coachable
  • Strong imperative to personally transform historical things that have held you back in the past 

Program promises:

  • Disappear your identity as separate from others and create a whole new leader you from nothing
  • Co-create and co-lead the Constellation of Extraordinary Women 

  • Establish your place as a Constellation Leader in your sector and geography 

  • Build on your collaboration and synergy in the global sphere

  • Shift your level of consciousness from finding meaning in existence to making a positive difference in the world 

  • Create a global vortex and explode your impact in what matters most to you

  • Express your stand and commitment on a global level