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Qualities of Authentic & Integrated Women’s Leadership

The Authentic and Integrated Female Leadership Model is based on women's authenticity and is specifically designed to help women integrate all aspects of their lives.

  • Do you know your purpose in life and what you stand for in the world?
  • Do you have a strong sense of resilience and fulfillment regardless of circumstances in your life?
  • Are you open, empathetic, giving and non-judgemental with everyone all the time?
  • Are you confident in the face of disagreement yet at the same time you show humility and respect to others?
  • Are you courageous and take action even when you are afraid?

The profiler covers but is not limited to these areas. There are 70 questions in the profiler that will assess you on the qualities of the Authentic and Integrated Female Leadership model. Signup to take the free 5 minute profiler today.

The Authentic and Integrated Female Leadership Model


Purposeful Contribution Peaceful Serenity Integrated Congruence Confident Humility


Magnetic Vitality Generous Compassion Nurturing Talent Empowering Relationships Influential Leadership


Productive Commitment Courageously Inquisitive Professional Gravitas

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"Our unique approach is backed by our own robust research conducted at Harvard Business School. Over 150 of the world’s women leaders were surveyed, with detailed statistical analysis that included a broad cross-section of leadership styles. This research covered organisational development, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, gender studies and positive psychology."
Once I actually realised my main purpose could be to inspire, educate and contribute to those who took part in my works and those who saw or read them, it was no longer about me but about serving them. I created a fitting mission statement for my business and a healthy context for my life.
R.S. EdwardsFilm Director and Editor, UK
My life was totally awesome before and it is now totally awesome at a whole other level. I know now I can have a fully integrated life, a thriving business in full flow as well as fully take care of myself and start to create innovations in the childbirth arena. I can hardly believe it...
Elva AinsworthFounder of Talent Innovations and Birth Innovations & Birth Activist, UK
Thanks to this program I have been introduced to many exceptional, like-minded women who are inspiring me while enriching me on my journey. The uniqueness of the programme is in its intensity, depth and complexity.
Alice KirsFounder of the Women for Women Summit, Czech Republic

Originally our query was to understand what lies behind successful, fulfilled women leaders who are making difference in the world. We wanted to look at how women can best influence and make a difference to their communities and to the world. How can women become leaders in their own right, how can they make things happen, how can they generate new conversations, and how can they cause others to act and take the lead? At Harvard Business School we carried out a global research study of 150 women from different cultures, ages, religions, walks of life and at different levels in society. We analyzed correlations between the factors linked to success, fulfillment and making difference.

From our research we created The Authentic and Integrated Female Leadership Model which is specifically designed to help women integrate all of the aspects of their lives. It is not a typical female leadership model that gives you tips to succeed in the current system but rather a model that is designed to co-create a new culture where women can thrive and lead fulfilled lives. This model is critical at this time, as the world is calling for more collaborative and inspiring leaders to help transform the current state of the world.

Starting in May 2013, you will be able to not only assess your qualities but also understand your profile. What will you get out of this Female Leadership profiler system? You will become clear as to how you score in several critical areas, and learn what it means for your life and what the next steps are so you can lead a fulfilled life that also makes a difference.

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