Tap into your authentic power

Harness your unique evolutionary potential to sustainably grow and meaningfully thrive as a woman entrepreneur!

Learn the transformative power of Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women. Increase your flow, fulfilment and impact by connecting your entrepreneurial and your evolutionary journeys. That unlocks the superpower inherent in your Wealth dynamics profile so that you can be the best version of yourself and thrive doing the work – and impact – you were born to do.

Online Masterclass

Unlocking Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women for You

“The power and true potential of Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women stems from connecting the entrepreneurial journey with the evolutionary and deeply personal life journey. Without the integration and evolution of self, you will always feel the constraints and trade-offs both as a woman and as an entrepreneur. With it, you will be liberated and fly.”

Bea Benkova and Jan Polak

Global Evolutionary Leaders

Co-creators of Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

How to harness the power of your unique evolutionary profile as a woman entrepreneur?

Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women will help you to:

● Build and maintain healthy foundations in the most important areas of your life, such as health and vitality, family and close relationships, financial freedom and well-being and an inspiring and supportive environment

● Transform and transcend your past conditioning, core ego fears and limiting beliefs to feel free and empowered to use your natural talents and superpowers

● Tune into and express your authentic Soul’s desires and purpose through meaningful connections and impact through your work and business

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In the masterclass, you will begin exploring your evolutionary potential as a woman and learn to apply it as an entrepreneur to keep on thriving and making a meaningful and lasting impact.


15 January 2023 

at 4pm UK time (5pm Paris, 11am New York ET, 8 am Vancouver PT)


Zoom webinar (+recording)


Bea Benkova and Jan Polak

Are you ready to begin unlocking your evolutionary power in your business and life?

During the masterclass we will:

  • Explore the Wealth Dynamics square and profiles with a new lens highly relevant to women 
  • Look at the examples of evolutionary women and how they were able to connect their entrepreneurial and evolutionary journeys to prosper and make an impact
  • Understand the evolutionary keys and what they mean for you in practice

There are 8 different evolutionary keys for women to unlock each Wealth Dynamics profile’s potential. Discover and understand the one that unlocks yours.

About Bea and Jan

Bea is a global evolutionary leader and founder and CEO of the Global Institute for Evolutionary Women (GIFEW) which is the evolutionary home for women making impact in the world.

Jan is a pioneer of the new business paradigm and impact-driven enterprises and the Director of Evolutionary Programs and Impact at GIFEW. He helps entrepreneurs and mission-driven business owners striving to bring profitability and purpose together and seek a more meaningful way to prosper.

Together they stand for the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of evolutionary women respectfully and synergistically combining the energy of the feminine and the masculine.

unabashedly stepped into the enthusiasm of my soul energy and when guided by discipline

“Through the lens of Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women, I recognize myself in the Supporter profile and have unabashedly stepped into the enthusiasm of my soul energy and when guided by discipline, this energy combines with my innate courage and a love of life to create a trajectory of joyful living, good decision making, the disillusion of doubt and anxiety and ultimately, releases the feeling of aliveness, joyful and purposeful living.

Marie Soprovich (Canada)

due to the flow I experience tapping into my evolutionary supporter superpowers

“Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women has taught me how to show compassion and express love and enthusiasm for every potential partner or donor. This evolutionary power gave me the access to raise money and mobile resources for incredible causes with joy and ease.”

Andrea Tittelova, Conscious Foundraiser, Slovakia

shift from playing smal

“Through my Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary education, I got clear on my natural gifts of detail, analysis, risk-management, and how to bring them to the world. More than that, I got completely free from the fear of what other people think about me. This allowed me to shift from playing small (and mostly alone,) to leading large teams and projects to bring together solutions that will help governments and businesses reach their net zero targets and secure the sustainable future for future generations.”

Lubica Ragulova, Global Zero-Carbon Energy Transition Advocate, Slovakia 


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