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You are unique

There are things that you’re called forth to fulfil on in your lifetime. You want to save the world AND have fun doing it with your sisters.

That’s the GIFEW Constellation.

The GIFEW Constellation is a community of women like you who want to play together, make impact, and fulfil their true potential. We are women from all walks of life, all over the world.

We are soul sisters.

We span time and geography to connect with each other in a variety of different ways on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We nourish each other and create the space together that anything is possible. Whatever you want for yourself, your life, your family, you community, we’re together to make it happen.

For all of us.

There’s always someone awake in the GIFEW Constellation. We’re always connected.

Why are we a constellation?

Because we all have our own unique purpose, passion, and talents to contribute to each other.

And when we align ourselves by these things as well as geography we become a living, breathing force field.

What’s in it for you?

1. Community of likeminded women

who’ve got your back.

2. Access to the foundations of GIFEW education.

to create, lead, and vortex

3. A structure for your continued growth and development

4. A space to co-create, collaborate,

 and nourish each other

A Life Changing Evolutionary Journey

Is it for you?  


Do you ask yourself questions like “what am I doing here?” “What is my purpose?”


Do you yearn to make a difference and get stopped by circumstances in life?


Do you feel there’s more to life than what you see in front of you?


Have you been searching for your tribe of women to belong to, collaborate with and grow together?

Do you resonate with the following statements?


I am ready to unleash my purpose, passion, and talents in the world


I believe a small group of passionate women can do anything


I am ready to give and receive nourishment in the GIFEW Constellation

If your answer is YES

Join NOW

GIFEW Constellation Membership

What’s available to you?

1. Membership Calls (90min each)

2 times per month led by GIFEW faculty and Constellation Leaders – We mentor each other and grow together aligning our head, heart, and souls.

2. Connect to the Constellation Field

on a daily basis in our Constellation Membership Facebook Group – We support, share and collaborate.

3. Access to the GIFEW Library

of media, education, and training – for all of the resources you need to fuel your head, heart and soul

*GIFEW holds the space for the Constellation membership field to constantly evolve and grow. In order to deliver on this, GIFEW reserves the right to adjust and change the membership structure, delivery, and design as it sees fit to serve the vision and needs of the Constellation.”

4. Access to GIFEW Perks

and discounts to educational programs – exchange value and experience energetic flow