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Discover a unique constellation of citizen women aligned to your individual purpose, passion, and talents. 


Together co-create a geometry and structure for fulfilling on individual and group missions.  Make impact at the level of community and society. 

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Looking for a community of women citizens like you to share knowledge with and inspire each other?

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Want to be unleashed and soul expressed in the world?

Want to be part of something bigger than yourself and co-create with other women citizens?

Want to grow yourself and your impact in what matters to you and your life?

"The unconditional mutual support, the source and pool of energy we created and tapped into was a beacon in the constellation sky for all of us." I connected with my soul and purpose throughout and felt loved and supported to discover this to the deepest extent. It's a journey to be continued.
Kathelyn Vannieuwenborgh

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Discover your purpose, passion and talents and calibrate your life around them.

Create joy, flow, and clarity in how you experience life.

Watch the impact that you make grow and see your vision for what’s possible expand beyond limits.  

Margarita Giannitelli

"I learned that I'm a healer and I'm a step closer to fulfilling my great calling. I learned to no longer allow fear take over the power within me. I released so much energy and welcomed love, acceptance and being my true self. I learned to listen and while listening, I also learned that I'm an internal healer for women with a low self-esteem, confidence and self-worth."

Align your head, heart, and soul and watch the impact that you make grow. See your vision for what’s possible expand beyond limits.