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GIFEW is home to hundreds of incredibly talented women like you who have dedicated their lives to helping themselves and others live their best lives.

Meet the Founder Bea Benkova

Bea was raised in Communist Czechoslovakia by educators to be anything she wanted to be.  She thought she was destined to be the governor of a central bank and followed that path through an Oxford education after which she joined an investment bank in London. 

In 2006 she woke up to a health crisis in her family and the realisation that the ladder of her life she had created was leaning against the wrong wall.  Burnt out and stressed out, she got out of corporate life and embarked on a mission of healing, for herself and the women in her life. 

She sought out the best transformation specialists and created what her soul desired for herself – an institute and community of women who nourish each other and grow together.  In 2012 GIFEW was born.

Today Bea is on a mission for all women to fulfil on what’s important to them and transform humanity through the aligned power of evolving women. 

The GIFEW Source Team

The Global Institute for Evolving Women is a platform of many leaders and a cocreation of a diverse group of women and men who are all inspired by the Institute’s purpose and vision.
GIFEW team is located in various places around the world, and our backgrounds and experiences are wide-ranging: from experience within the business and corporate sector to experience in the media industry and the world of science.

All women involved have been undergoing their own transformational journey and participated at some level in GIFEW’s education.

Bea Benkova

(United Kingdom)

Founder & CEO GIFEW

Tatiana Benkova



Katherine Longhi


Chief Communication Officer

GIFEW Core Faculty

Learn from the Best

The GIFEW Faculty is a body of transformation experts from around the world who train and develop you to fulfill your soul’s desires and transform the world.

Bea Benkova

Global Transformational Leader & CEO GIFEW

Richard Barrett

Internationally recognized thought leader in the evolution of values, culture and leadership in business and society

Sandra Epstein

Creator of Araretama Educational System & Vibrational Essences
Educator, Innovative Consultant

Vik Maraj

CEO and Founder of Unstoppable Conversations
Global Transformation Leader

Wendy Schneider

Transformation Leader at Unstoppable Conversations
International award winning rancher

Jazz Rasool

Expanded Realities (XR) Scientist

Gary Malkin

Transformation media producer&speaker
7- time Emmy-Award winning Composer

Nienke van Bezooijen

CEO Presentation Master
Globally recognized public speaking expert for speaking authentically with impact

Jan Polak

Master Practitioner and Master Trainer in Wealth Dynamics

GIFEW Constellation Leaders

GIFEW Constellation Leaders are women who have completed the full GIFEW education curriculum. They co-create and lead GIFEW Global Impact Platforms in the areas of society that are aligned to their purpose, passion, and talents like business, politics, ecology, and peace making. 

They are the new culture changemakers bringing the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of evolving women.

Marie Soprovich (Canada)

Marie is a conscious business leader and Constellation Leader at GIFEW. Through her own courageous journey in life and business, Marie transforms people, their homes, and is a recognised leader in the home renovations business in her community. Marie is the initiator of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Business.

Tatiana Benkova (Slovakia)

Tatiana is an evolutionary coach and the COO at GIFEW. A former lawyer, Tatiana co-leads the GIFEW Global Impact Platform on Peace and Consciousness. Tatiana’s powerful coaching is an access for women to transform their self-expression.

Wendy Schneider (Canada)

Wendy is a highly trained Transformation Leader and a Constellation Leader at GIFEW. Wendy’s powerful coaching enables women to produce big results with velocity. Wendy is the initiator of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Ecology.

Katherine Longhi (UK/USA)

Katherine is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and the Director of Communication at GIFEW. Katherine is a trained Flow Consultant with Entrepreneur’s Institute and she coaches women on unlocking their purpose, passion, talents, and performance. Katherine is a leader of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Business and future US Congressional candidate.

Bea Benkova (United Kingdom)

Bea is a European Transformation Leader and the Founder and CEO of GIFEW. After a successful career in banking, Bea created GIFEW so that women leaders could grow and develop together and transform the world. Bea’s vision of the future of humanity is the glue that holds the constellation of evolving women together.