Our program offering is specifically designed to educate, connect and holistically develop committed women leaders – individually and within the community they lead and care about.

Whether you look for individual accelerated growth and development as a woman leader or lead a team, network, or organisation that you would like to energise, engage and transform we have an opportunity for you.

You can choose an individually tailored programme for you, join a select group of women leaders that is exponentially growing together or you can initiate a short inspirational conversations in your team or network or opt for a longer transformational educational program in your organisation.

GIFEW provides New Culture leadership programs exclusively developed for women leaders and tested on 5 continents with over 400 women to accelerate your personal transformation, discover and unlock your true potential, and open a synergistic collaboration to fulfil on your unique vision and purpose.

At GIFEW, we create and maintain a “gravity” field for women leaders, change makers, CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, managers, politicians, doctors, scientists, artists or activists – who have a larger vision for the world and commitment – not necessarily the title and position – to lead and mobilise others to fulfil that vision.

At GIFEW we also put the women we serve at the centre and are committed to provide you with high quality, personal approach and professionalism at every step.

Please, take a look around our programmes and feel free to choose what appeals and suits for you best.

We promise you to experience a whole new level of inspiration, transformation, and education and also to be powerfully called to action.

Explore one or all of the following:

To inquire about and join any of GIFEW programs or events, please engage with us: 

  • Fill out the inquiry, application or reservation form
  • We review it and you will be invited for a personal conversation with the right person from our GIFEW team
 You will be advised which programme or event would be the best fit for you
 You will also receive further details on the programme or event of your choice
 Next, we will confirm your place and date
 For any consultation or inquiry please contact our team leader Monika by phone +420 732 737 828 or by email support@gifew.org – she will be happy to talk to you and advise you.

We look forward to an inspiring and rewarding journey together!


GIFEW individual programmes are designed for women leaders who:

  • Are a successful in their career or professional path  yet  seek a step change or transition to best discover, engage and express their full potential and feminine source of power and leadership.
  • Are entrepreneurial minded and effective at leading team, organisation or their own business yet feel like there is something missing or a limitation to the growth and expression of both herself and the collective or business potential.
  • Have a compelling and clear vision and know that NOW is the time to begin making it happen (or expanding it) and are ready to mobilise herself, other people and all available resources to make a unique difference that only she can make.

Participation in these programmes will provide you with:

  • Clarity on your purpose and vision by finding deep personal answers on question on your unique gifts, identity, mission and direction
  • Holistic alignment of all important aspects of your life based on Model of Authentic and Integrated Female leadership to operate fully at your potential and make no compromises.
  • A way to see a different dimension of yourself as a woman and leader, and dissolve hidden limitations that stop you from fully unlocking your femininity, vitality, power, leadership and wealth.
  • A unique set of Araretama Extraordinary distinctions and essences from the Atlantic rain forest that will aid a profound emotional and energetic integration of your transformation.
  • Distinctions and practical approach allowing you to uncover and bring about the new culture of synergistic collaboration into your lives, communities, businesses and projects.
  • A pathway to launch, accelerate or expand these based on a new business paradigm.
  • A safe, trusting, inspiring and stimulating space where you will discover new forms of and opportunities for collaboration, accelerated growth, performance and meaningful accomplishment.



For women leaders GIFEW is hosting interactive, educational and highly inspiring breakthrough sessions and group programs that raise awareness and provide practical solutions on the critical role and value of women, importance of female leadership to sustainable performance and healthy growth, and organic implementation of the new culture in collaboration at all levels.

GIFEW group sessions and programmes  are designed for women leaders to energise, engage and transform their teams, organisations, networks and communities - whether formal or informal, small or large - to step up to their individual and collective potential as well as to unleash their creative spirit and synergistic collaboration.

Participation in these programmes will provide you with:

  • Practical understanding of the critical role of women in todays society and the importance of feminine leadership in the transformation of business and society Access to comprehend and apply the Authentic and Integrated Women Leadership model for the 21 Century
  • Tools to surpass the traditional perspective of success and cultivate true authentic expression, fulfilment and accomplishment in all areas of life and avenues to making a meaningful difference in the world
  • Common distinctions, language and experience for synergistic partnership and collaboration that empowers women to be leaders and create a global field for women's collaboration and contribution.
  • A collective pathway with solid grounding, inspiration and support in launching a new projects and ventures or expanding on the existing ones based on a new business paradigm.
  • A created and evolved safe, trusting, inspiring and stimulating space where you will discover new forms of and opportunities for collaboration, accelerated growth, collective performance and meaningful accomplishment.



Keynotes by Bea Benkova are for small pioneering groups, empowered networks and committed organisations who are open and ready to expand their leadership perspective of what is possible and cause real transformation through collaboration.

Bea Benkova is the founder and chairperson of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW). A European transformational leader, Bea Benkova has been inspiring, empowering, coaching, connecting and mobilising leading women from around the world and all walks of life to be feminine, powerful, vital and wealthy and living to realise their purpose in collaboration, love and respect with men.

In front of an audience - whether opening open a conference, delivering a keynote speech or seminar at an event, Bea engages her visionary and inspirational style and a pioneering content to communicate new possibilities, awaken sleeping potential and call people into action.


:: Beyond Diversity - Authentic & Integrated Women’s Leadership

:: The role of Extraordinary Women for the Future of Humanity Now

The keynote addresses and speeches can be tailored for your event and audience specifically.

Bea’s speaking experience & selected appearances:

She is a long time transformational coach of extraordinary women around the world with rich speaking experience inspiring women as well as men to highlight the critical role and value of women in making difference in all aspect of business and society and promote the new culture of diversity and collaboration....this is both Bea’s passion and legacy.

Bea is an engaging speaker at conferences and on TV and radio shows, including:

  • Annual Harvard Business School Women Conference, Feb 2010, Boston
  • Fast Forward your Business, Sept 2013, London
  • Athena Network Conference, May 2013, London
  • Untangledfm, The Essence radio show hosted by Susie Heath, 2014, London
  • Inspired Women Conference, July 2013, Bratislava - Keynote speaker and opening the conference
  • Women for Women Conference, April 2013, Brno - Keynote speaker and opening the conference
  • Real Woman Forum Opening, March 2012, Bratislava - Keynote speaker and opening the conference


Please contact us at info@gifew.org to discuss your requirements and suitability of the topic, audience or event - and to make a reservation.


Assess yourself on the qualities of Authentic & Integrated Women’s Leadership.
In only 5 minutes you will learn which steps to take to start integrating all parts of your life and expand your ability to produce results everywhere based on your leadership profile.

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Life is Now - 21 Days with Bea Benkova

An interview with Bea, in which the journalist Jaroslava Timkova uncovers not only her private life, but also delves deep inside. It tracks her evolution from childhood, through her successful career as a banker in London, to today's work as an ambassador and coach of Extraordinary Women.

Get-a-free-sample-of-the-book-here21Just fill out the form below and you will receive an email with the download link. You will also be one of the first to know when theEnglish version of the book will be out in spring 2015.


Book Life is NOW was published in Czech language in 2013. Readers claimed it to be book changing lives.

What readers say:

“I never underline books but ‘Live is NOW’ is underlined almost on every page. It is almost my intimate diary. I wanted to show it to my friend, so I bought another copy, to keep the one just one for myself.” PETRA

“ ‘Live is NOW’ is amazing, your words are very inspirational for me.  I read the book on one breath and will be applying details for long time. Thank you and wish you lots of further success.” MONIKA

“I have read the book ‘Live is NOW’ repeatedly. First time I read it at once, the next times I was underlining. I set-up a diary to mark all new insights got from the book and now I am slowly fulfilling them. It is a book that changed my life.” ZDENKA

“Book ‘Live is NOW’ changed my life. After 10 years I managed to go to my boss and tell him my opinion, I got my own office and got rid of acolleague who was negative and taking my energy. At home, I told to my husband what needs to be changed before I exchange him, and it works! I am relieved, I feel light and  beautiful and I have feeling of being in love. Not only in my husband, also in my job.  ” HANKA

“ Book that I am reading again and again, has shocked me. I realised, that the only person who blocks me is myself. I didn’t like it, it was painful, but I wanted to find the one who is guilty….after half year is my life very different. And I thank for it to Bea. IVANA

“I took the book with me for holiday and my boyfriend was reading it and didn’t let it out of his sight.. It was an amazing holiday because he was kind and attentive. Only later I found out it was because of the book.” MICHAELA

“I know Bea Benkova not only as professional, who works with women around the world to help them find their life journey, but I also know Bea as a friend and a person who has the life values at the right place. In many directions she enriched my own family and friends. This book is designed for women of all ages who are willing to work on their personal and professional growth, support their potential and find their authentic journey in life.” MICHAL DAVID, SINGER AND COMPOSER

Four tips on how you can decode the Extraordinary Woman inside of you

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