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We are the school for your best life.  Ever.

Exclusively developed for women  and tested on 5 continents with over 5000+ women to accelerate your personal transformation, discover and unlock your true potential, and open a synergistic collaboration to fulfil on your unique vision and purpose.

Individual Programs

Diamond Experience

This is an individually customised transformational coaching program designed just for you.

Discover your unique purpose, passion, and talents.  Dismantle the barriers holding you back from living a life of joy, freedom, and self-expression.

Whether you are at an important crossroads in life, or are committed to elevating yourself or your life to the next level, this program will give you the clarity and confidence to take the actions that are going to make the biggest difference.

Group Programs

Reclaim Your Best Life Program

12 week high impact course.

The Reclaim Your Best Life program is a 12 week accelerated journey to train women entrepreneurs, professionals, and societal leaders to transform their lives and increase their impact in these extraordinary times.  This is our signature GIFEW program and it’s the first time that we are offering it to as many as 50 women.

What Makes Our Transformational Education Different?

Created for women by women

GIFEW engages a unique combination of modern, multi – sensory approaches and cutting edge distinctions that are co-delivered by our powerful and accomplished Mentors Faculty.

Some of these distinct models include the Authentic and Integrated Women Leadership Model, Consciousness of the Atlantic Rainforest, Araretama Extraordinary Vibrational Essences, and an Ontological Linguistic approach to Being in the World.

Holistic & Integrated

GIFEW transformational educational programs – individual, group, online, live – are taking women leaders up the spectrum of consciousness, purpose and performance whilst causing meaningful difference in real world.

Multisensory and multi-dimensional

using a holistic method that allows women to be authentically expressed, develop and integrate all important parts of their life, and accelerate the fulfilment of their purpose and vision

Transformational approach

facilitates shifts both energy and mindset of what is possible in relationship with Self, others and the world one lives in and cares about.

Wisdom of Atlantic Rain Forest

The Araretama System, a Therapeutic and Educational Platform, brings forth Sandra Epstein’s research on the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. 


What Women are Saying

Dream come true!

“GIFEW is a dream come true. You might have heard the expression ‘walking dictionary?’ Well in GIFEW we are walking, talking leaders. GIFEW is the courageous and safe space to practice my leadership. I can be vulnerable and free to talk about my ambition. I don’t have to hide my emotions. I can be ambitious and everybody cheers for me. This isn’t common in Asian culture. I’m so glad I found it in GIFEW.”

Dayeoung Kim (South Korea), 

Feeling grounded

“I started my Evolutionary Journey Prologue right when Covid hit.

What I discovered on the program is that life doesn’t have to be hard. I connected with amazing women who are part of my life now forever. They propel me forward to a new realm of healing.

I now feel grounded and like I’m ready to make a big impact on the world!”

Jill Boychuck (Canada)

The catalyst for my career

“GIFEW education has been the catalyst for my career and my life over the past 5 years. It helped me to set up my first NGO and discover my real soul purpose – children! I’m now monetizing my purpose fundraising for children with chronic diseases and helping them to regain their health. I am committed that all children everywhere live healthy lives.

Thanks to GIFEW’s transformational education, I now have the tools to fulfill on my purpose and explode my impact on the world.”

Andrea Tittellova (Slovakia)

GIFEW is the path

“I was always looking for the path. I knew the trek I was going on but I was looking for a path that would have me be able to do it with other women and to achieve a level that I couldn’t achieve it alone.

GIFEW is the path. And I have my people go with me. Now the path has widened and widened and it is very cool. There is a reason the path is the path. It’s never random.”

Wendy Schneider (Canada)

Finding your tribe

“The Evolutionary Woman 2020 Program was such a wonderful experience. Connecting with dozens of like minded women from across the globe was truly inspiring.

The feeling of finding your tribe, of coming home, was palpable in every call, and the guidance from the Constellation leaders was valuable and informative. I highly recommend this program for any change makers out there who want the support of an amazing and fierce group of evolutionary women.”

Kristine Morris (Canada)

Whole bunch of women cheering you

“Having a whole bunch of women cheering you on from your corner for the right things is priceless. The feeling is really powerful.”

Brenda Purdie (Canada)

GIFEW helped me to find my place in the world

GIFEW helped me to find my place in the world

Sandra Deakin (Belgium) Tv-radio host, International speaker and life coach

Once I joined GIFEW my soul felt at home. For years I had been going through huge transformations, dying again and again  and being reborn again and again.The drive behind this transformation was to be able to live my soul’s purpose.

After this transformation I felt a bit lost in the world : who was I now ? GIFEW helped me to find my place in the world and see my own brilliance. They supported me with so much unconditional love to live, create and act from this whole new soullevel.

I feel so grateful to be guided by awakened women who are very grounded at the same time. This is what the world needs today ‘awakened people who take action’.

GIFEW gave me so much confidence to live and act from my true essence.

I feel so embrased by this beautiful international groupe of soulleaders. Gratitude is here 

GIFEW women are artists like me

GIFEW women are artists like me

Else Nollet (Belgium)

“Through GIFEW Membership I discovered that consciousness and creating a field can be online. I was initially scared how I could powerfully connect with women through technology. I’m now plugged in to the GIFEW Members who are artists like me. I’ve just outed myself as an artist and plan to continue sharing my art. I can’t wait until we can all meet in person at the next GIFEW annual event!”

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