20-24 February 2017 | worldwide

                       Women leading social change together

Global Social Change Summit is OVER but you can still watch all the sessions from the whole summit.

Scilla Elworthy - Pioneering the Possible

World Renowned Peace Activist, 3 Times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

   Rinaldo Brutoco - Feminine Aspect of the Divine

Futurist, Author, Founding President of the World Business Academy

Global Social Change Summit
the comprehensive practical guide for women citizens in 2017

Is it for me?

  • You yearn to make a difference
    — and you know that you can get it in your own way
  • You are ready to go beyond ordinary approaches
    — you want a breakthrough not incremental gains
  • You have the courage to look at yourself and discover
    — you are willing to take correction, be coached, and deal with your own ego
  • You are willing to be inspired by your greatness!
    — and you are willing to become someone of real purpose and true power and own it

30 leading experts   and  change makers from the area of human evolution, consciousness and societal transformation.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

World renowned peace activist
3 times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Richard Barrett

Internationally recognised
thought leader on the evolution of human
values in business and society

Dr. Sue Morter

An international speaker
Master of BioEnergetic Medicine
Quantum Field Visionary

Over these five days you will gain the knowledge, inspiration, and community to build an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable world. A world that works for everyone.

Go - To - Place for Societal Change 2017.

Compilation of expertise, ideas and practical know how

on how to move from 

Inner Purpose - to Outer Impact - to Social Change.

"Activism is my rent for living on the planet" Alice Walker

Women leading social change together

organised and hosted by

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Global Social Change Summit
the comprehensive practical guide for women citizens in 2017

 Join us. Be a change maker. The time is now.

As women, our innate qualities uniquely qualify us to lead, enrich and transform
our communities, society and civilization, now and for the future.


Over these five days you will gain the knowledge, inspiration, and community to build an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable world. A world that works for everyone.


We cannot wait for government to do this for us.

Learn how you can create change in 2017

Over five remarkable days you will learn practical steps you can take right now to start building a world that works for everyone. This summit is about citizen engagement. You, an ordinary citizen with extraordinary commitment, will be motivated and empowered by experts and change makers like three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy. You can create evolutionary change. Now.

Lose fear and be inspired

Fear comes from not knowing how to change a situation. Fear comes from feeling powerless. Our experts will show you how to work on yourself so you have the capacity to create change.You will get the knowledge to empower you and the vision to inspire you to take practical action now.

Connect with community

You are not alone. There are thousands of women all around the world who, like you, want to create a better future right now. This is your community.

Day 1 - Monday, February 20

9:00 am GMTDr.Scilla Elworthy - Pioneering the Possible
1:00 pm GMTTim Kelley - Balancing the Masculine & Feminine: Maximizing Your Power to Create Global Change
3:00 pm GMT Rinaldo Brutoco - Feminine Aspect of the Divine
6:00 pm GMTMissy Crutchfield - Nurturing the Future
9: 00 pm GMTHannah Bell - Telling Our Stories
11:00 pm GMTTanya Taylor Rubinstein - Global Awakening Through Transparent Storytelling

Day 2 - Tuesday, February 21

9:00 am GMTRichard Barrett - A New Psychology of Human Well-Being
1:00 pm GMTMartin Rutte - Project Heaven on Earth
3:00 pm GMT Dr. Andrea Pennington - Put Your Values into Action
6:00 pm GMTDr. Kruti Parekh - Change the Way You Think
9:00 pm GMTSkylar Liberty Rose - Harnessing Your Creative Spirit to Impact Global Change
11:pm GMTKrysia Bionis - Global Change Starts With You

Day 3 - Wednesday, February 22

9:00 am GMTDr. Sue Morter - These Are the Times We Have Been Waiting For
1:00 pm GMT Beth Misner - Finding My Voice
3:00 pm GMTGulrukh Khan - Catalysing Authentic YOU
6:00 pm GMTDaniel Priestley - Key Person of Influence for Social Change
9:00 pm GMTJan Polak - A Game Worth Playing: Leading Change With Purpose, Joy And Gratitude
11:00 pm GMTCorina Roobeck - Human-ing up the cultural revolution at work
11: 30 pm GMTShannon Skinner - Women: Why We Need Your Voice in 2017

Day 4 - Thursday, February 23

9:00 am GMTMarie Diamond - Compassion Leads Your Social Impact
1:00 pm GMTGary Malkin - Transcending D'escarte: Catalyzing Transformation Through the Power of Music, Media, and the Arts
3:00 pm GMTJazz Rasool - Connect Globally, Relate Locally
6:00 pm GMT Sophie Noonan - Women Empowerment to End World Hunger
9:00 pm GMTSandra Epstein - Dance of the New
11:00 pm GMTRalph Ashton - My Big Idea: Sparkling a national conversation and action about the future Australians want

Day 5 - Friday, February 24

9:00 am GMTRoger James Hamilton - Yin Leadership as a Powerful Force of Social Change
1:00 pm GMTPavol Demes - Shape Your Destiny: Social Change Through Civic Action
3:00 pm GMTBea Benkova - From Inner Purpose - to Outer Impact - to Social Change
6:00 pm GMTTor Eneroth - Values as drivers of social change: Helping nations to start their journey of transformation
9:00 pm GMTVik Maraj - Being a Leader: Getting yourself out of your own way
11:00 pm GMTKarena Virginia - Awakening to Miracles

Who We Are

We are a global multi-dimensional platform for transformational education, connection and synergistic collaboration of conscious women leaders around the world. We have over
11 years of experience in training, coaching, mentoring and connecting women leaders from five different continents and across different sectors and domains including leading women executives, entrepreneurs, professionals working in diverse areas.

Why We Are Doing This

At GIFEW we personally feel now it is more important than ever for us as citizens to step up and connect together, to collaborate to make our societies just, sustainable and united.
We believe we cannot move forward unless we move forward together.


Our context-based work allows organizations and people to see the hidden constraints within their own thinking that have dramatically limited the effectiveness of the people, resources, and technology that they already have. We make visible the glass ceiling that has limited the pace of their evolution and ultimately put a lid on what they can achieve. Our approach leads to PERMANENT alterations that save our clients thousands and, in some cases, millions of dollars and has them recoup hours they would have otherwise invested in more typical information-based training programs.


"Green Hectares Noble Cause is to “Change Our World”! Unstoppable Conversations was the vehicle that has transformed us and we have been able to completely change the way we operate internally and externally because we were honest about finding our Default Thinking and find illumination in our Noble Cause. The methodology and leadership that Vik Maraj and Kevin Gangel helped us discover in Unstoppable Conversations was instrumental in our transformation! Thank you for all you do.”

Wendy Schneider, Executive Director, Green Hectares



"Wisdom of the World is a life-affirming production and consulting company, creating music-infused products, trainings and presentations that deeply touch and enhance people's lives.  We believe in the power of immersive music, art, and media to catalyze states of unity, compassion and coherence, deepening our humanity so that we may traverse the significant transitions of life with more social-emotional intelligence and Grace. We are dedicated to creating resources and events that empower all of us to deepen and share our innate wisdom, so that through service we can experience greater meaning and connection in our lives."