of the Global Social Change Summit 2017


Ambassadors are women who act on their courage, are a stand for others, and the catalysts for change.

Katherine Longhi

An American-Born, Global Citizen, Entrepreneur, HR Consultant, Cheerleader and Champion for Equality, GIFEW Graduate

I am a stand for female leadership and empowerment.

Eva Andriessen

Communication&Relationship Coach and Mentor, GIFEW Graduate

I use my life experiences to be a contribution to others, allowing them to unlock the door that leads to their happiness and fulfillment, regardless of what they’re dealing with in their lives.

I am a stand for collaboration, sharing and realization. 

I effortlessly create an environment of safety and peace, bringing love, connection and freedom to my interactions with the people I work with. I listen deeply, and bring wisdom to my coaching in a straight but very subtle way. 

Irem Sefa Yayımlar

Project Coordinator of InnoCampus Project, GIFEW Graduate

 I am a space for empowering people to realize who they really are and what they are capable of.

I am İrem Sefa Yayımlar from İstanbul, Turkey! I have been working as a brand manager for multinational companies for 7 years. Then I have decided to follow my dreams and resigned from my job, started to travel the world and now I am the project coordinator of InnoCampus project which provides a training on entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in an extraordinary space.

I bring peace, fun, love and empowerment to anywhere I am and I believe that people are whole, complete, powerful and resourceful creatures.

Dorota Chebenova

young professional with international relations background, GIFEW graduate

 I am a stand for gender equality which can be achieved only by mutual respect and cooperation between genders.

"Your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has.

 Your future is whatever you make it. So make a good one."

Andrea Tittelova

Founder and CEO of the organization Youth Politics Education, GIFEW Graduate

I am a stand for nourishing and educating other generations to govern with conciousness, integrity and ethics.

I am an advocate of the consciousness and feminity in politics and public administration. Youth Politic Education is the action tank educating and preparing value based people for the public service and politics in Slovakia and in Switzerland.  I take a stand for feminine energy in the politics and the Global Institute of Extraordinary Women plays crucial role in that. 

See you soon!!!

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