“I encourage Karena to keep sharing her gifts with the world. She reminds us that the more we open our hearts to others, the less we struggle.”



Kundalini Yoga instructor, inspirational speaker, life mentor, healer and TV personality

Karena works closely with professionals, celebrities, teens, moms, corporations and those who are being guided to stop playing small.

Karena Virginia is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, inspirational speaker, life mentor, healer and TV personality who brings deep spiritual practices to the modern world in a very accessible and uplifting style.

Karena has been reaching thousands of people throughout the United States and Europe explaining the law of attraction in a very basic, clear and scientific way. 

Karena brings wisdom from ancient teachings, utilizing tools for attracting love, abundance and miracles. Karena believes we are living in a profound time when living through the heart with grace, peace, truth and light is the surest path to manifesting the life of our dreams.

“The gift of Karena is that she offers a whole new perspective on life.”


Before embarking on her journey as a spiritual teacher, Karena was an actress and model, and she brings her fun loving personality to TV networks around the world. Karena is a wife and mother of two children residing in the New York City area.

Karena released the highly acclaimed yoga video, “Abundance and Miracles" in 2013 which was recently re-released by Sound True as "The Power of Kundalini Yoga" and can be found in stores such as Target, Best Buy, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  She also released the popular relaxation APP  "Relax and Attract" in 2014.

Her very first book, "Essential Kundalini Yoga" was released in February, 2017 by Sounds True, and it is a gift for humanity at this time of huge transformation on our planet. Karena is a member of Oprah Winfrey's Belief team, and her passion is to bring the technology of simple everyday healing to the masses.

"Everything that is meant for you, will come to you, as long as you are truly you, relaxed at being you, and you learn how to get out of your own way so you can blossom.

How do know what is meant for you and what you are being called to receive?

It is the very thing you are desiring from the depth of your heart with a clear, sincere, unemotional knowing.

I am here to share incredible wellness, lifestyle and miraculous tips that will elevate your awareness, expand your energy field so you become a magnet to your desires, and assist you in deeply relaxing so you can welcome the gift that are waiting for you."

Karena Virginia

See you soon!!!