“Krysia is an activist for change and a true eco warrior.

She has created beautiful and ethical products and is a leading expert in the field of natural beauty and wellness, sustainable business, and the practice of self-love. Krysia’s genuine spirit and integrity is inspiring.

Her vision is to share with women (and all people) how to find their inner beauty, their confidence, their power, and their radiance.

Her passion is to spread this wisdom of the mind-body connection and of inner and outer beauty, for we can't have one without the other.”

--Shenoa Regal

Krysia Bionis

Botanical Expert,
Co-founder of Vapour Organic Beauty

Krysia Boinis is the co-founder and CEO of Vapour Organic Beauty, a leading non-toxic luxury cosmetics brand based in Taos, New Mexico.

Vapour was built from the ground up to reflect Krysia’s vision for a sustainable, ethical and inspired business. Every product in the Vapour line is innovated and perfected in Taos, using only the purest ingredients from the earth, earning Vapour a global following among beauty insiders.

Krysia believes that all people should have options for optimal health and wellness, and should have access to healthy choices and the truth about toxic ingredients.

As a young girl, Krysia expressed herself through creating costumes and makeup. Her mother encouraged this fascination, permitting Krysia to develop makeup looks using anything in the kitchen - except what was under the sink. Anything that was edible was fair game and a powerful seed was planted: food is what you eat and what you put on your skin. In making Vapour, wholesome whole food ingredients are used. Vapour helps us put on the body what we would be happy putting in the body.

The roots of Vapour, as well as Krysia’s self-starting entrepreneurial spirit are easily traced back to that kitchen. Once she landed in Taos, she steadily developed her creative interests into a private label skin care manufacturing business, producing a variety of personal care products for other natural companies.

After two rounds of breast cancer in 2005 and 2008, Krysia’s intentions for Vapour crystallized.

Krysia, and Vapour’s co-founder Kristine, understood with razor-sharp clarity that not only was there room in the beauty industry for all-natural, nutritive and energetically resonant color cosmetics, but these new products were the future.


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