"We saw an immediate improvement in our business and personal family life after her first consultation." 

Jack Canfield, 

Best Selling Author of the Success principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul Series. Master Teacher from The Secret.



Global Transformational Leader, Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author & Teacher

Marie Diamond is Global Transformational Leader,  Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author and Teacher. She is also one of the world leading Feng Shui Masters and Dowsing Masters.  She creates several Energy Systems to uplift Humanity: Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing, Inner Diamond and Diamond Leadership.
A woman of the West (lived in Europe and North America), she has taken the best from the East (Feng Shui, Dowsing, Meditation, Ancient wisdom) and brings it in a fun, joyful, comprehensible and deep spiritual way to her customers, clients, and students worldwide.. She is also the only European star in the worldwide phenomenon "The Secret" .

As the President and Founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders and founding member of the Global Transformational Leadership Council, she inspires organizations, companies and countries to transform their systems. Her Vision since her 15 years old, is to enlighten MORE than 500 million people world wide. Her work is spread in more than 190 countries.  She lives now in France with her family and her youngest children. 


Private Mentoring Circle

Join the next Global Conscious Leadership Circle that starts in April 2017 where Marie Diamond leads 8 women/men in becoming Global Conscious leaders in their professional field. 

Do you feel you did not achieve everything you wanted for yourself in 2016?  Do you feel that you lost your way and couldn’t find your path? Do you want to make 2017 the year that you become a Global Conscious success? Then you need a Mentor, you need a Leader, someone who has conquered her dreams and broke through the ceiling that was confining possibility. Marie Diamond wants you to become a Conscious global top player in your industry. You deserve to have your own successful brand with world- renowned products. Marie wants to help your vision, achieve global impact and change not only your life, but the lives of your family and loved ones. Marie is ready to be your guiding hand along the path towards Success, the only question is, are you ready to finally reach Global Success?

Marie Diamond for more than 20 years has created a Global Conscious Leadership brand. She has become one of the top motivational speakers and mentors in this world and is a founding member of the “Global Transformational Leadership Council”.  She has reached countless of millions of people and changed their lives in more than 190 countries. Many people have asked her: ‘How did you do this?’ ‘How did you create such a strong global brand with conscious products and services and become so successful in the Self Help industry?’ You can join her “Global Conscious Leadership Circle”. 

For more information go to office@mariediamond.com

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