My big idea: Sparkling national conversation and action about the future Australians want


Ralph Ashton

 Co-founder & Executive Director, Australian Futures Project

Ralph has a track record of conceiving, building, and leading non-partisan initiatives to tackle cross-sectoral challenges.

Before co-founding the Australian Futures Project in 2012 to make long-termism easier in Australia, Ralph spent a decade leading international public policy initiatives, working closely on every continent with governments, the United Nations, World Bank, business, academia, and non-profits.

This included coordinating WWF’s global response to the Indian Ocean earthquakes and tsunami, and convening and chairing the multi-disciplinary international Terrestrial Carbon Group. 

Ralph has held visiting positions at Columbia University and the Australian National University, and is well versed in providing advice on mergers and acquisitions as both a lawyer and an investment banker.

See you soon!!!