20-24 February 2017 | worldwide




Global Social Change Summit, February 2017  is OVER but you can still watch some of the sessions from the featured speakers.



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Pioneering the Possible

Scilla Elworthy- World Renowned Peace Activist, 3 Times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Feminine Aspect of the Divine

Rinaldo Brutoco - Futurist, Author, Founding President of the World Business Academy

Summit Closing Ceremony

From Inner Purpose - to Outer Action - To Social Change

Bea Benkova - European transformation leader, Founder & CEO Global Institute for Extraordinary Women

Being a Leader: Getting Yourself out of Your Own Way

Vik Maraj - President at Unstoppable Conversations, TEDx Speaker, performance coach to global leaders

Integration & Sharing Session

Summit Opening Ceremony

February 19th, 2017

Scilla Elworthyworld renowned peace activist, 3 times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

                                       Pioneering the Possible

Tim Kelley Global change agent, founder and visionary leader of the True Purpose Institute

                                       Balancing the Masculine & Feminine:  Maximizing Your Power to Create Global Change

Rinaldo Brutoco Futurist, founding president of World Business Academy

                                        Feminine Aspect of the Divine

Missy CrutchfieldEditor-in-chief of Gandhi's Be Magazine and president of Gandhi Global Centre for Peace

                                        Nurturing the Future

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein CEO at Global School of Story/Global Story Coach

                                        Global Awakening Through Transparent Storytelling

Hannah Bell Executive director PEI Women's Business Association

                                        Telling Our Stories: You Cannot Be What You Cannot See

Richard Barrett Internationally recognised thought leader on evolution human values in business and society

                                        A New Psychology of Human Well-Being

Martin Rutte Founder, Project Heaven on Earth

                                        Project Heaven on Earth

Dr. Andrea PenningtonIntegrative Physician, Meditation Teacher, Brand Strategist

                                         Put Your Values Into Action

Dr. Kruti ParekhAsia's only female mentalist, Global Event Award Winner 2016, mind trainer, audience engagement specialist

                                        Change the Way You Think 

Skylar Liberty RoseWriter, gender equality advocate, creator of the Empowerment Experience

                                        Harnessing Your Creative Spirit to Impact Global Healing

Krysia BionisBotanical expert, Co-founder & CEO at Vapour Organic Beauty

                                        Global Change Starts With You

Day 3, Wednesday February 22

Dr. Sue Morter - International speaker, master of BioEnergetic Medicine and Quantum Field Visionary.

                                        These Are the Times We Have Been Waiting For

1 pm GMTBeth Misner - Co-founder and board member of BNI Foundation, Joint owner of BNI Global

                                        Finding My Voice

3 pm GMTDaniel Priestley - Successful entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author

                                        Key Person of Influence for Social Change

6 pm GMTGulrukh Khan - Film maker, holistic specialist, activist

                                        Catalysing the Authentic YOU - a Beacon for Social Change

9 pm GMTJan Polak - Pioneer of the New Business Paradigm and Purpose-Driven Enterprise

                                        A Game Worth Playing: Leading Change With Purpose, Joy And Gratitude

11 pm GMTCorina Roobeck - Practical Change Maker, Poet, Partner at The Zone and Europe Trainer for the Zenergy School of Facilitation

                                        Human-ing up the cultural revolution at work 

11: 30 pm GMTShannon Skinner - Award-winning broadcaster, author, speaker

                                         Women: Why We Need Your Voice in 2017

Day 4, Thursday February 23

9 am GMTMarie Diamond - Global Transformational Leader, Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author & Teacher

                                        Compassion Leads Your Social Impact

1 pm GMTGary Malkin - Multiple Emmy Award winner, creator of multi-sensory media fostering social change

                                        Transcending D'escarte: Catalyzing Transformation Through the Power of Music,

                                        Media,  and the Arts

3 pm GMTJazz Rasool - Scientist, Creator of Energy Diamond, Collaboration Literacy&Social Vitamins

                                         Connect Globally, Relate Locally

6 pm GMTSophie Noonan - UK Country Director, The Hunger Project

                                        Women Empowerment to End Hunger

9 pm GMTSandra Epstein - Visionary, educator, Creator of Araretama Educational System

                                        Dance of the New

11 pm GMTRalph Ashton - ‎Co-Founder, Australian Futures Project

                                        My Big Idea: Sparkling a national conversation and action about the future Australians


Day 5, Friday February 24

9 am GMTRoger James Hamilton - World renowned futurist, social entrepreneur

                                        Yin Leadership as a Powerful Force of Social ChangeTopic TBC

1 pm GMTPavol Demes - Internationally recognised expert on international relations & civil society, author & photographer

                                        Shape Your Destiny: Social Change Through Civic Action

3 pm GMTBea Benkova - European transformation leader, Founder & CEO Global Institute for Extraordinary Women

                                       From Inner Purpose - to Outer Impact - to Social Change

9 pm GMTTor Eneroth - Network Director of Barrett Values Centre

                                        Values as drivers of social change: Helping nations start their journey

                                        of transformation

11 pm GMTVik Maraj - President at Unstoppable Conversations, TEDx Speaker, performance coach to global leaders

                                        Being a Leader: Getting yourself out of your own way

6 pm GMTKarena Virginia - Yoga Teacher, inspirational speaker, spiritual guide, certified healer

                                        Awakening to Miracles



"We as humans have a great challenge right now: we can go on as we are - and if we do, it’s clear that life as we know it will soon be untenable.

Alternatively, we can change. Change begins at home, with us. Actually, with me.
So if I want peace in the world,


I need to start at home.
Perhaps that’s what I really long to do -
To find my true purpose in life.
To know what I’m here for.
To become who I really am."


            Scilla Elworthy, from her book Peace begins with me

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