If you are committed, we are happy to lead the way for your transformation bringing GIFEW’s proven unique approach exclusively developed for women leaders. We have 8 years experience of training over 400+ women on 5 continents.

The biggest reward for GIFEW’s work is to see coming the vision alive.

Women who decide to walk the transformation journey with GIFEW and really do the work, get rewarding experiences. Already after few weeks people around them notice the change – these women start shining, are confident, have lots of energy, their faces and eyes look different: they make decisions and lead conversations from a very different space of thinking.  The space of possibility and collaboration makes a difference to people around them.

These women own their gifts and deep passions, get clarity on who they are and what is important for them in life. These women believe that their leadership, effort and action is making significant contribution to bringing the new culture to society.

GIFEW loves making a difference to these women’s lives because it is not only about them. It is about their families, their teams and whole society at the end.

GIFEW Femina Fusion Trailer

GIFEW Femina Fusion Graduation April 2013

"Bea is an extraordinary woman, if you have an opportunity to see her, to work with her, I highly recommend you take it. Its one thing to have the message and then embody that message in everything what you do and I find out that Bea is one of those rare individuals who does that.. 

I know that Bea has a sample of some of the most incredible minds, some of the greatest leaders, some of the greatest content which allows you a leader to take the tools that are the best in the world and to be able to use them in your own life." Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Wealth Dynamics, Chairman of Entrepreneurs Institute

GIFEW Woman Leadership Program Testimonial by Elva:

GIFEW Woman Leadership Program Testimonial by Marinella

GIFEW Leadership Program Testimonial by Carol

GIFEW Women 2013

What GIFEW graduate’s say: 

People around me tell me: you have become wiser, you have much more energy, you are shining ...what have you been doing?

The energy that you are giving me, the journey and pathway that I am starting to see finally I believe I can do it

In my own eyes I have finally become a valuable person –with  personal  values.

YOU helped me to uncover my talent, I got my passions, character, purpose....and I know this is only a beginning of a journey and that’s why I shine.

I THANK GIFEW...AND  That’s why I will be continuing the journey and the curriculum  cannot wait to see  what I will DISCOVER for myself NEXT WEEK

 Beautiful women, wise people say that when you come to a place it is not only important to listen but to switch on all of your senses.

What GIFEW graduates experienced on Friday WAS A MIRACLE ATMOSPHERE, ENVIRONMENT,  YOU ALL BEAUTIFUL - each of us has taken away an experience of being extraordinary, important, perfect.


Words cannot describe the Ceremony that you have prepared for us.

IT DID NOT MATTER WHETHER WE ARE HOUSEWIVES, ENTREPRENEURS, MOTHER, OR HIGH POWERED EXECUTIVES.....we have all been CELEBRATED  WE ARE ALL on the same boat and important and beautiful in our uniqueness...


“My passion is FINANCE. I have created educational concept ‘FINANCE FOR JOY’ teaching financial literacy to women entrepreneurs, families and children at primary schools .” says Marcela Hrubosova, who is recognized expert on finance in Czech business.

Marcela, you walked your own journey of personal development and  transformation. When you met Bea Benkova few years ago, maybe  you were different Marcela then today. 

Yes, that’s right. When I met Bea, it was in 2012, I have to say I was searching for my purpose in life. I was successful, I had nice family, I have beautiful little today 6-year old daughter, I was very successful manager at one prestige bank. In fact, at the first sight I could have been very satisfied, but I wasn’t humanly fulfilled. Something was missing in my heart. When Bea started coaching me, I had to accept and let go many my own points of view about myself. It started with my personal life where I was lying to myself and wasn’t completely happy. Solving my personal level gave me huge space and big wings to stand up for myself, make a decision and take responsibility for it. Then it went step by step. I also found my purpose in professional area. I gave totally new perspective to finance which was my professional field ever since. Thanks to this realisation, I made a decision to leave director job at a bank and devote my time only to what I really like and what fulfils me. This is for me more valuable then a well paid job.

You participated in individual and  also in group coaching programs,  what is the difference? 

Individual programs were  beneficial for me because  they were on an individual level where I was working with myself and the coach. I think it is faster on the personal level. Group programs gave me much more information how I as a person work within a group, in terms of communication, what makes me angry and what doesn't, what can I accept or what I can’t. I think it moved me further in my personal development. Individually with a coach it helped to solve some questions and perspectives on myself. But how to work in a society, how to respect other people, how to accept and how to stand behind myself, I think I got from the group program. It was very precious also looking how I was complaining  or resistant, but when I look at it with time difference after half year, I have to say I got a great value!

How do you see GIFEW approach and work with women?  

I support GIFEW activities a lot. I have to say, also content wise it gives perspective and insight into different areas. Maybe not everything you will get immediately, some things you will understand later. But always you find something relevant for the moment you are in, that moves you forward. I compare it to university, it doesn't give you education it gives you directions what to focus on, where to find information and know-how, where to connect to the right people. This is for me higher level of personal development.It doesn't give me just the direct benefit and focus on one concrete thing but it gives me much bigger platform.

GIFEW Talkshow with Extraordinary Women: Extraordinary women, new world, new life

GIFEW hosted a talkshow for GIFEW graduates from Femina Fusion Diploma program, a 6-month journey to create your unique identity and place in the world, where you will shine like a star. The event was a celebration of their journey. Sharing few stories so that these amazing women send energy and light to other women who maybe didn't hear or couldn't do yet such discoveries of personal identity and uniqueness.

        What did you get or learnt out of GIFEW transformational educational  journey? Describe how did you look before the program and how are  you now

Dagmar was confused and not happy, she didn’t know which direction to go, what to do. During the GIFEW educational program suddenly the puzzle start coming together. Finally, she has a feeling she knows what to do, what is correct, who is Dagmar, she knows her future. Women in the group were sharing a lot, now Dagmar start living it. Puzzles are beautifully put together. Dagmar is a successful manager. To inspire women she started her new project teaching them to connect with their soul and body. Her vision is  a harmonious world.

Lucie wanted to know what she will do after her maternity leave is over.She didn't want continue as before. She wanted to help people in a meaningful way. What she got from the whole Femina Fusion process started to show results. GIFEW motivated her to start writing and sending her articles and so  her first stories were published. She connected her passion and talent, her psychotherapeutic work where she had experience before and the writing that she loves. Lucia discovered her purpose in bringing new perspectives on topics that are not usually discussed loudly, such as abortion,  In 2014 she published her own book I was expecting a baby and created special therapeutic programs on the same topic which include also Araretama essences. Fusion process helped her to integrate into her life what she knew she loved. Today she has clarity what she will be doing.A  year ago she had no idea. She found clarity on her journey, she found Who is Lucie, where she wants to go, what she can do and where is the field that she had and can give as a gift. She also found many amazing women what she is grateful for.

Zaneta remembers her first meeting with GIFEW team. She was unhappy, frustrated from her school and was doubting her wedding project. During the year she got to know herself in the true core. She sat herself on her throne, put on her crown, communicates it to the world, she keeps her  personal standards in relation to others. She lives her dream and has  a much more fuller and interesting life then before. During GIFEW education Zaneta connected with other woman as her business partners  and together they further developed and launched the wedding video guide that she created.

Jana was at the crossroads. After finishing her maternity leave she didn't want return back to her position in a corporation. She was thinking about herself and working on self so long, until she believed and got the courage to live herself. During GIFEW education she found her business partner and created collaboration with Zaneta on a wedding video guide

“Bea for me is amazing the decision that you started changing lives of women from their deep source. You have an amazing team that is supporting you and building the vision with you. For Slovakia and Czech republic it is huge contribution. Because when we women will be happy and will do what we love then our children will be the happiest people on earth and we can harmonise the world. I want to thank you for it and I am glad to be part of it.” IVANA CHRISTOVA, model, entrepreneur, beauty consultant, philanthropist.

One year ago, Lenka was dressed in grey and black, she was trying to adjust to male environment in all aspects. She was feeling it wasn’t right but she thought, it should be this way. During GIFEW education and Landmark forum she realised if she feels so it is only up to her if she gets the courage and changes it. She went through big personal crisis of regretting that she could have done it earlier. Man condemns himself for decision that we make but later. Thanks to Bea she forgave herself, she changed her job and many other things. It had amazing impact on her family and other relationships. Many people around her acknowledged finally she is herself, she is smiling, it is amazing! In the new job she presented herself authentic, she shared she cares about family and wont be working till late night. She also shared she stands for excellent results that she will deliver with her team. Lenka is different and she is doing things in a different way. She is an economist in a law firm. She believes to keep it and discover many other opportunities. We all know what we want, it is inside us, but it is about when we do something about it. Lenka is  a top women leader in czech business. Her purpose is moving the consciousness of business, and integrate into business moral values and ethical behavior.

Since childhood, Martina lives and does what she wants..A lthough she has a family business, 6 years ago she got into a situation that forced her not to live as before. She got the chance to experience corporation in her own family business. She joined GIFEW education with the expectation to confirm if things are not different than the perspective she has on life. She confirmed she is on the right track. She understood, God arranged for her to see and experience things differently, to understand and learn something different. She got answers in Wealth Dynamics system that she learned to use at GIFEW. Now she got the tools how to work with different people.

Andrea was on maternity and after a year she was supposed to return back to work. After 20-year career and self-development, she consciously decided to cut off and allowed herself to stay at home for 5 years with kids. She wanted to get recipe how to negotiate different conditions/ environment at work. During GIFEW education she understood it all is about her. She knows what she wants and how she wants it but she didn't know it is in her power to create it. She also accepted herself for being creator with head in the sky and the fact that sometimes simply people don’t understand her. Thanks to Wealth Dynamics she understood we are all different. She told to herself  in the future I don’t know what will come but it will come. And it came. It all is about intention, trust to yourself, being authentic, say what you don’t want. For her is important that she is not ashamed about herself. Andrea brings to business new culture combining feminine and masculine aspect, power of word and intention, spirituality and universe.

Alenka was about to finish maternity leave and was trying to find out what’s next. Before maternity she was spending hours at work that she loved but how could be this combined with children? She couldn't imagine how these two worlds could work together. She wasn't happy in either of these, so she started look for different ways and for self-expression. Only Bea told her it is possible to connect these two worlds and integrate the life. Then Alena understood also her place in business where she can bring something from personal development. !

Katka was at the beginning of the journey with GIFEW like caterpillar eating everything around. She had the feeling when she doesn’t go somewhere or doesn't experience something, she won’t find the answer. She was frustrated because she was away from her family, she wasn’t playing either the role of mother, nor the role of wife, nor she wasn’t herself. Her energy was spread in  all directions. Now she has self-trust and self-confidence. Now she is focused at the core and she feels good. She found her essence. She told herself not to compare with other people. We all have our own diamond. It doesn’t mean they all already found it and she didn’t. Simply search. She believes at least for now, she found her diamond. Thanks for that.

Jarka was also searching what she can do after maternity leave. She had a successful career as PR consultant at big company. She was tired and burned out. She realised with her purpose she can do more things at different levels. But it is important to be focused and calm. She doesn’t need to fly like a butterfly from one flow to the other but try first enjoy the first one., then move on. She managed to stabilise and focus with the feminine style. ‘Finally, I feel I know what I want and I go the right direction. Thanks.’ She thinks the journey of transformation is endless and moves us forward. Jarka supports meaningful entrepreneurship. She recently launched a project training majors of small cities and towns in effective and conscious communication.

Julia gave herself a year and started her journey with GIEFW. She wanted to identify her life, what yes and what no, just for herself. It wasn’t easy journey but the result came. She feels more freedom and  vitality. She is grateful for the environment of trust where she opened for sharing, also for the amazing people she got to know. It opened up in her more femininity. She is satisfied and knows the directions why and what. Julia is founder of portiosk and she is  a personal development consultant.

Tatiana shared this was part of her journey. She found inner peace, she completed some things, she learned some things, she got tools she can work with further. She is grateful for getting to know such amazing women.

Daniela was searching her inner potential and purpose. She realised she is 48 and she found it! She was wondering how much time she wasted. Then she realised now she got mature  and was living her identity. Now is the time to allow herself to live a life fulfilled with love, harmony, ease. Femina fusion process and GIFEW education gave her space of safety, trusting self and others. It’s worth it .The plans she has will materialise, although she doesn't know how, when and with whom, but she knows they will happen. She has direction and security she became herself.

I wanted support in leading my business and also to get clear on my true purpose in life and this emerged deliciously as we went through a journey of exploration. This coaching changed my life totally as this clarity of purpose now plays out in every area. This educational program has continued to support me in making the shifts that emerged. My life was totally awesome before and it is now totally awesome at a whole other level. I know now I can have a fully integrated life, a thriving business in full flow as well as fully take care of myself and start to create innovations in the childbirth arena. I can hardly believe it!.
Elva AinsworthFounder of Talent Innovations and Birth Innovations & Birth Activist, UK Read more: http://gifew.org/en/about-us/testimonials/#ixzz4GS57uMoM
My intention was to find clarity and purpose that would lead to living a larger life. Sounds simple but I didn’t even know the words for that until I started along this path. I learned that community could spontaneously appear and grow within almost any group of people. It was this community that helped me hone my identity integrating all of the pieces of my life: career and family, the practical and the fantastic. The more I acknowledged my true self as a creative collaborator, the more I saw my dreams take shape – a life that will be marked with great contributions in support of creative professionals. I stopped asking “how” and allowed myself to create a fantasy as an exact picture of what I want to achieve, without wondering how it would be built. I learned to take a step, an action everyday. I realized that by moving the large obstacles out of my way I will reveal something great and the only way to dissolve them is to create some sort of movement..
Sherrie BergerCreative Collaborator, Photography Consultant - US/ LA
I decided to work with Bea based on her drawing of the constellation. I didn’t really know what the final outcome would be or what it would look and feel like in detail. I just had a sense that I wanted to be a part of something new, exciting and “big”. I’ve had some major insights: Being who I am is not about one or two things, it’s about everything. Focusing on integrating all aspects of who I am has led to better health and well being, better understanding of who I am and what I stand for and is allowing me to let go of perspectives that are no longer serving me. Asking for help and support brings help and support! I don’t want to or need to do it all myself – this has been major realisation for me in my business. The more I’m courageous in my ambitions the more I achieve and the more I inspire people around me. My purpose is to create environments where people can flourish so that they can confidently make their unique contribution to the world. Being part of the constellation of extraordinary women is an environment where I can flourish, create my vision and realise my dreams all whilst helping others do the same.”
Beverley HamiltonFounder and Chief Experience Officer for CABINS™, UK Read more: http://gifew.org/en/about-us/testimonials/#ixzz4GS5TeY7X
Ever since I took this coaching program my life has taken a magical path. Since gaining a degree in film and television I had wanted to direct full length films and I’m doing it. I had learnt during the coaching period that many of the successful role models among us are only motivated by the gain others have from what they do, or they choose a charity to support. This caused a shift in my approach because although my ventures could help others this had not been my motivation, I had simply wanted to prove myself as a director and writer. Once I actually realised my main purpose could be to inspire, educate and contribute to those who took part in my works and those who saw or read them, it was no longer about me but about serving them. I created a fitting mission statement for my business and a healthy context for my life. My every day work, the editing of other director’s films, also took on a new meaning with substance and I realised these are my films too and became involved in a more complete way. These commissions were no longer just a route to pay bills which I would stop as soon as I could afford to, but a way of contributing to others. Most importantly to me I now have a family and I feel a happiness and authenticity I have never known before.”
R.S. EdwardsFilm Director and Editor, UK
I’ve worked with Bea for about 3 years. In that time, I have gone from working at a global news organization for over 25 years where I felt I was slowly dying to developing myself as an entrepreneur in areas that totally inspire me. This was barely a pipe dream when we started. Bea coached me to continue moving toward my vision of causing global women’s empowerment, until suddenly and unpredictably the opportunity to pursue this full time came about a few months ago. She continues to help me build my practice in other areas that I am passionate about, like writing and spiritual and emotional healing. These days, I can’t wait to get up every day and the opportunities keep coming.
Carol VaporeanJournalist, USA
As my business continued to grow, it appeared to me this was my goal, to create a network of beauty salons. After the much anticipated birth of my daughter, I suddenly understood, this is just part of a journey. True fulfillment was still not in sight. I couldn’t exactly specify why, but I could no longer continue – my direction was no longer clear. Thanks to this program, my overall perception has changed, allowing me to move to a completely new level. I discovered fresh goals and began my journey, thanks to this program. I continue walking this path with guidance and support. The program is unique because it works holistically, on all levels at the same time. It does not separate business from family or friends, or hobbies from business … Everything grows forward, together. This is absolutely gol!
Silvia DraganEntrepreneur & Founder of the Frst Holistic Beauty Center, Slovakia
My intention in joining this program was to discover my mission and get into my natural flow, where I can do things that I enjoy that give me a sense of fulfillment. I learned the value of cooperation, even when does not appear easy. I realized this program is a journey toward getting more out of life while enjoying it more, and achieving even greater accomplishments, along the way. Thanks to this program I have been introduced to many exceptional, like-minded women who are inspiring me while enriching me on my journey. The uniqueness of the programme is in its intensity, depth and complexity.
Alice KirsFounder of the Women for Women Summit, Czech Republic
My husband gives me special gifts and because he understands what I like, I always appreciate his choices. The most beautiful gift he has given me thus far is this particular coaching program. He knew I was looking to find a sense of fulfillment in my work – I want to help people, and to feel that my work has meaning. I was excited about the vision of this program from my very first meeting. One of the greatest benefits of this new collaboration was to learn my Wealth Dynmaic profile and then that of my husband’s. This enabled us as partners to understand and respect each other at an even deeper level. Now I know I let Martina create uninterrupted when he is inspired. He in turn tolerates my chaos in my household which feeds my need for constant change. Thanks to this new affiliation, we also met many new, interesting people who have similar interests, and can engage in various projects where we can inspire each other.
Jitka StehlikovaMother on Maternity Leave, Czech Republic
For several years, I was searching for a job where I could express myself. I knew that I’d like to work with women and entrepreneurship, but I did not know where to make that connection. This coaching program helped me to discover my true self. I didn’t find what I thought I was looking for, I but I have discovered a very new path full of opportunities and unlimited possibilities. I started to shine. As I started to feel more myself, I found my value, femininity, and talent. Self-discovery is a long journey that continues to this day. Time and energy are continually invested into discovering my deepest purpose. Although it’s not without effort and it doesn’t happen over night, positive thinking and action can create magic. I have shifted my career in finance at the corporate level to a courageous, unknown, entrepreneurial journey of passion. Now I feel light and free. Once I defined my personal vision, my role, web and business cards – the exact opportunity showed up several months later. I began to live in the present moment, unconditionally, without needing material things to make me feel happy. This program work with a woman holistically – it integrates the feminine qualities with our feelings, our relationships, talents while testing our beliefs and values.
Monika GmucovaEntrepreneur – Supporter of Women Leadership & Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Slovakia Read more: http://gifew.org/en/about-us/testimonials/#ixzz4GS74L5SY
My initial intention was to find a path for my life, because the one I traveled for the last 10 years appeared to be “blind road” – both professionally, and personally. I finally walked away from a fast-paced career and found that my personal life was also at a crossroads. It felt like I was in a vacuum, without a clear path or stable ground under my feet… and I wanted my next step to be the right one. When I look back on this past year, I see that since I joined this program, I’ve moved significantly toward myself both personally and professionally. I see my biggest growth in the area of my integrity and identity. I know much more about who I am, who I want to be, my mission, and talents. I learned how to apply them to benefit my environment while getting the most personal satisfaction. Thanks to this shift I am more open toward others, and cleaned up my relationships and spaces.. On a holistic basis this program combines elements of individual and group coaching that connects with our daily activities. In this real context, we are moving directly toward our integrity and identity. Another very significant element of the program is the intensity – within the group, we are in constant communication with each other, which reminds us every day of the resolutions to which we are committed regarding our personal development.
Eva StefankovaHR Consultant, Slovakia
I was attracted to the vision of this program because it is so spiritually beautiful, and it came from the mind of someone who lived in the real business world. I received more than I could have imagined before – I got access to a new world. I still do not fully understand it, but the new approaches, insights and relationships I have now experienced, completely changed my world. Sometimes it overwhelms me, especially when I realize that I am only at the beginning of a new journey, but I believe that on the other side there is great freedom and unlimited possibilities. I now see that relationships are the most important thing I have. Relationships with amazing people are enhancing my life daily. From these connections arise collaborations and projects that we support collectively. I’ve learned that my greatest value is within me, and I am part of the life that I have created and I can now choose exactly where I want to go. Everything in life is a process and as each situation presents and it’s up to us to choose how we accept it. Actually it’s all just one big exciting game. So I learned to play it and enjoy it
Magdalena BacovaEntrepreneur, Slovakia
I was empty, tired and burned out. My life lacked purpose and fulfillment. It was at that point that I began hearing about a program that was helping women to find the meaning in their lives. Immediately I knew it was the right program, offered by the right person. This coaching program helped me to look at my life, helped me to know myself better and to realize that I am the primary source of the things that were happening. The program taught me how to understand and appreciate life and myself. Within a 10 month period, I found myself and who I am, what I want and a new life lit up inside me, allowing me to take big steps including leaving my partner and taking responsibility for my new life. The coaching program has changed my life and I am grateful for finding this opportunity and making the decision to become involved..
Marcela HrubosovaLeader in a Financial Corporation, Czech Republic

Life is Now - 21 Days with Bea Benkova

An interview with Bea, in which the journalist Jaroslava Timkova uncovers not only her private life, but also delves deep inside. It tracks her evolution from childhood, through her successful career as a banker in London, to today's work as an ambassador and coach of Extraordinary Women.

Get-a-free-sample-of-the-book-here21Just fill out the form below and you will receive an email with the download link. You will also be one of the first to know when theEnglish version of the book will be out in spring 2015.

What readers say:

“I never underline books but ‘Live is NOW’ is underlined almost on every page. It is almost my intimate diary. I wanted to show it to my friend, so I bought another copy, to keep the one just one for myself.” PETRA

“ ‘Live is NOW’ is amazing, your words are very inspirational for me. I read the book on one breath and will be applying details for long time. Thank you and wish you lots of further success.” MONIKA

“I have read the book ‘Live is NOW’ repeatedly. First time I read it at once, the next times I was underlining. I set-up a diary to mark all new insights got from the book and now I am slowly fulfilling them. It is a book that changed my life.” ZDENKA

“Book ‘Live is NOW’ changed my life. After 10 years I managed to go to my boss and tell him my opinion, I got my own office and got rid of acolleague who was negative and taking my energy. At home, I told to my husband what needs to be changed before I exchange him, and it works! I am relieved, I feel light and beautiful and I have feeling of being in love. Not only in my husband, also in my job. ” HANKA

“ Book that I am reading again and again, has shocked me. I realised, that the only person who blocks me is myself. I didn’t like it, it was painful, but I wanted to find the one who is guilty….after half year is my life very different. And I thank for it to Bea. IVANA

“I took the book with me for holiday and my boyfriend was reading it and didn’t let it out of his sight.. It was an amazing holiday because he was kind and attentive. Only later I found out it was because of the book.” MICHAELA

“I know Bea Benkova not only as professional, who works with women around the world to help them find their life journey, but I also know Bea as a friend and a person who has the life values at the right place. In many directions she enriched my own family and friends. This book is designed for women of all ages who are willing to work on their personal and professional growth, support their potential and find their authentic journey in life.” MICHAL DAVID, SINGER AND COMPOSER